128 bpm confirmed as tempo for 64bc4

So, after 15 days of intense campaigning, the country has spoken, the people have chosen and a new path will be walked upon.

128 bpm polled the most votes, with 13, ahead of 114, with 7. It’s a landslide. No need for sneaky coalitions made in dirty back alleys. This is a genuine mandate to make your beat. Just how you want it.

In true democracy 2.0 here’s how everyone voted.

Kovas 128 Erg 128 Remi 114 rvd 114 wibble 114 JCS 114 POC 128 Kulturshock 128 DOV 128 Meezoid 114 Mexican bob 114 Dr Rubberfunk 94 The Crane 74 James++ 128 Miggins 128 Techdef 114 Sir Ape 12 DJ Moneyshot 128 King wicked sound 94 Tom M 128 Monkizzle 128 Alex Stacey 128 Kelp 128

Deadline for submission is AUGUST 1 2010

the roolz

Make a song, 64 bars in length @ 128 bpm.

Tag on an 8 bar intro and outro to facilitate the mix, which this time will be done by Andy Smoke aka dj twit

This intro should not form part of the main tune because that would be CHEATING yo! .. so make it simple percussion .. just something that will help make the mix super smooth

Submit a .wav, aiff or 320 kbps mp3 to



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