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These are the best bits from the first 64 bar challenge. First 500 downloads are free

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Right here we’ve put all the 64 bar challenge mixes, now they are all neatly tucked away in one handy place for all to see and share.

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64:4 lands

Here it is. The hard work of a lot of ppl from all over the internet. All packaged into a 50 minute mix. Bang

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64:4 tracklist confirmed

It took a fair bit of audio manipulation to meld 24 tracks into one coherent package, but lordy DJ Twit and cohort K0va5 have managed to freakin do it. Here, by way of a teaser… is the sequence of tracks

1. Dr Rubberfunk – Lift off 2. Meezoid – 64badcheeses 3. The Dwarves – Free Cocaine (Kranium Ecs Remix) 4. Melonhands – fatfatboomboom 5. KAL – mothbreath 6. Remdog – Minotaur 7. Proof Of Concept – Sequence Of Loops 8. Remdog – Son of Cyclops 9. Monkizzle – Underwater 10. Becy10 – chezzy 11. Kelp – Torn Solarsail 12. Day of Vengence – swarm 13. Remdog – signs 14. AGT rave cru – Billions Dead 15. Erg – Hounds of Hell 16. Secret Producer – Young Urban Monsters 17. DJ Moneyshot – Bass Power 18. The Crane – Tacked On 19. Techniken Defunkus – Diving-without-water 20. Alex Stacey – ping ping coconut 21. Mexican Bob – searchlight 22. Techniken Defunkus – Dance-it-and-signoff 23. James Swift – Green thing 24. Kovas feat Robbie Johnson – Desire

Sneaky preview

Look over there >>> Yes, in that little grey box widget, called Box.. There’s a funny little tune in there from Alex Stacey which features in 64:4, as does the straightup dancefloor banger from DJ Moneyshot

64:4 to land 21:10

So, the mix has been completed, the intro is on it’s way, the artwork is on its way… so that means that 64:4 will land on 21:10:10 on Postbocks.

This means we at 64bar Towers are on a mad frantic one trying to dirve traffic to the mix. We’re now set up on Twitter and dont forget about us on Facebook

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