There’s no point in slouching so that means another 64 bar mix is on the way. First stage in this process is to gather names and vote on a tempo. In time honoured tradition there will be a post on the Ninjatune forum

And voting happens, right here

The voting will close on 19th October, that’s two weeks from the day of this post. We’ll accept names until it becomes ridiculous to take any more.

If you wanna take part, either email sixtyfourbarmusic@yahoo.co.uk, add your name to the thread here he Ninjatune forum use use the commets form below.

Already confirmed are Tom Central, Kovas, Remi, Proof of Concept and the man like Meezoid who has managed to find time away from the xbox.

Melonhands comes in to do his third bar challenge. The Mexican Bob and , Techdef is on for number four and Spartacus makes his début, promising “minimal guitar music”.

We’re happy to say Belgium’s DJ Reck is getting stuck in, as is the talented Dave Graham and Dr Skunkenstein more here.  Another first timer is Soleboy, he put together the Benevolent Beats project that took place through the ntf a while back, and yet a another Newbie is King Seven.

James++ who is currently based in Asia Minor adds his weight to the mix, as does Rave Van Donk, who was in the second 64barchallenge.

We’re excited to have Pimpernel Jones back on for this mix, he’s half of Herma Puma and returns after taking part in the early mixes in the series. As does Jose B, who graced 64ep1 with Down with the funk.

Solid steeler Moneyshot is back after tearing up the fourth mix with bass power. Becy10 is back  – finally.. we retain a girl. Quite amazing.

Of course, 64bar veterans Day Of Vengeance, Erg, Sir Ape and Korba Audio Labs take part, and we’ve retained the services of AGT Rave Cru and Kelp.  Sweet

holla.. Andy Digitonal

More to be confirmed soon.


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