Click >>– dj-kovas-timeframe-2009-. << for the beats

Let’s remind ourselves of this gem from Kovas from last year. It’s a selection of works from kovas’ vaults from 2006-2009, and is a electronic flow through the darklands of  his imagination.

He says: “I look at Timeframe as my long overdue debut album. It’s 17 tracks, including a few interludes that I had been working on for a couple of years, here and there. It got to a point where I realised I had a body of work which was coherent enough to put out as a single piece.

“The mood is mostly sinister, and at times downbeat. For some reason I just don’t tend to write euphoric, or uplifting songs. I like the darkness, I like tunes to have space to breath and I think that comes through in this.

Standout tracks include True Force and the Blanket, both from 2006.

Kovas says:  “I suppose The Blanket was me testing out a mood than some would describe as post dubstep, its a real nightcrawler and has tons of atmosphere. ”

There are a few tracks on the mix that made it onto other projects. Cutt (track 6) featured on the 13 Point Shuriken Hur this (track 12) was on Benevolent Beats and God’s plan (track 3) was on 64:1


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