Becy10 set to drop on VIM Records

Becy gettin busy
Red wine. Good stuff, we all know this, it’s a drink dear to the heart of me, the writer of this blog post, and also to a groovy lady called Becy, who has written a bunch of tracks whilst under the influence of said liquor – and by darn, they’re feckin good.

And now her inebriations have been rewarded with release coming out on VIM Records
a remix of Julson’s track titled Ni Ya Ba Saba.. and there it is

Mike Jules – Ni Ya Ba Saba (Becy Remix) 128kb by becy

So, what’s her style and who is she?

Quite honestly, no one knows better than her and she says: “I’ve been writing a lot of deep, dark, bassy prog over the past couple years, but lately I feel myself branching out into melodic, ambient soundscape styles with less emphasis on the 4 on the floor kick and driving bass, and more on vocals and atmospherics… We’ll see how it goes.

Here’s a link to the progressive kinda sound she’s built her reputation on…
Becy – coburg’s favourite son by becy
But what about her collab with Julson? What’s it all about?

She explains: “My friend Mike Jules is a tech-house producer I’ve been friends with for years in Australia, he just moved to UK and has been DJ‘ing around there a bit and making his own productions as well.

“We were getting pissed on cheap red a month or so ago and we blearily posited the idea we could do a remix of each other’s work. His track had just been accepted for release, so we began with that.

“With this remix Mike sent me the stems and I played around, whacking effects on them, distorting and playing around with the vocals, and adding some new elements into the mix…

It worked out well and with Becy neck deep into creating her 64:5 track, it seems Mike will be twisting up her track into a dubstep style

As with all good home producers, her lab is awkward, “I’m usually sat down in a properly uncomfortable spot with my laptop balanced precariously somehow, like now, for example, perched on the end of the couch in a freezing cold lounge room, computer on a ricketty magazine stand.”

How does one make cookies?

“I use Ableton and a bunch of vsti’s to create tracks. I’m in the middle right now of rendering all my previous decent tracks into stems so I can get a bit of an epic liveset going. I’m interested in reworking all those bits and pieces and combining them together to get one hour long new creation out of all those individual songs. Another thing that interests me production-wise is the effect of limitations on creativity – my view is it stimulates it.

“One of the experiments I did in that area was to take the shittiest drum loop I could find (here: and create a new track out of it – fx and stuff allowed, but all sound sources had to come from that loop. The result was this

Virtual Original by becy

She’s also been getting good feedback for her cover version of  “Just be Good to Me”.. so here it is.. via the magic of soundcloud
Becy – JustBGood2Me by becy

After impressing with a sleek techno number at the heart of 64:4, and with her 64:5 track in the pipe, plus the forthcoming release on VIM, its good times down under, she puts it simply: “It’s an exciting time to be alive over at my place, that’s for sure.”


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