more solid steel from moneyshot

Solid Steel Radio Show 3/12/2010 Part 3 + 4 – DJ Moneyshot by Ninja Tune & Big Dada
DJ Moneyshot uses  a lifetime of Hip-Hop knowledge, a year of digging, and a solid weekend of slicing and dicing, he’s presents his Deep Covers mix. It’s a jam-packed hour of bands, comedians, DJs and MCs performing tributes, bites, covers and remixes of their favourite Rap jams. So we get the UK’s DUBbledge reworking the hallowed ’93 Till Infinity by Souls of Mischief, Turntablists ’89 Skratch Gangstaz re-cutting Double Dee & Steinski’s Lesson 3, and Barenaked Ladies taking on P’E’s incendiary Fight The Power. Thankfully Duran Duran’s ’95 cover of White Lines was left on the cutting room floor. Nice work, Moneyshot.

PART 3 + 4 – DJ Moneyshot

And the Lefthanded _ Subway Theme _ Éllet Records
Big Pun _ Twinz (Deep Cover ’98) _ Loud
B.D.I. Emcee _ No Joke _ Loud
The Tougue _ Dope Rapper _ off a mixtape
Xanadu and Sweet Lady _ Rocker’s Choice _ Joe Gibbs Music
World Domination Enterprises _ I Can’t Live Without My Radio _ Product Inc.
Mos Def _ Children’s Story _ Rawkus
Cypress Hill _ I’m Still #1 _ Priority Records
Snoop Doggy Dogg _ Vapours _ Interscope Records
Necro _ I Need Drugs _ Psycho+Logical-Records
Elzhi _ The World Is Yours _ KN
Robin Thicke _ Mrs Sexy _ Interscope Records
Hugo _ 99 Problems _ Roc Nation
Dora Dale _ Jump Around _ taped off BBC 7
Bias B _ Hursty _ Wordburner
Billy Bunks _ Dr SuckBooze _ Double Beef
Ill Bill _ How To Kill A Cop _ Psycho+Logical-Records
The Mighty Casey _ White Girls _ Busted Lip
BLCTXT, Lyrikill, Monsta X, Mecca Godzilla, Jun Classic _ Mama Said Knock You Out _ KN
Ramsome Badbones _ Jeru Beat _ off a mixtape
P.O.S feat. Greg Attonito _ De La Souls _ Rhymesayers Entertainment
T-KASH _ When _ off a mixtape
Joell Ortiz _ TROY (They Reminisce Over You) _ off a mixtape
CB4 _ Straight Out Of Locash _ MCA
De La Soul _ Freestyle (Da Shit) _ Red Lion Entertainment
DUBbledge _ 09 Till Infinity _ Hidden Agenda
Wu-Tang Clan _ Sucker MC’s _ Priority Records
Rhymefest _ Rhyme Slow, Rhyme Quick _ off a mixtape
Def Squad _ Rappers Delight _ Rush
Mos Def _ Jam On It _ MICmedia
Russ Cuban _ Back By Jump Around _ mp3
U.S. Disco Explosion _ Rapture _ Sharp L.P
Scratch Perverts _ Adventures On The Wheels Of Steel _ Sequel
De La Soul _ You Got It _ Red Lion Entertainment
Mr. Oizo _ It Takes Two _ Ed Banger Records
Ghostface _ Ghost Is Back _ Air Play
Rhymefest _ Rhymefest vs. Big Daddy Kane _ off a mixtape
Barenaked Ladies _ Fight The Power _ Warner Brothers
B.A. Baracus Band _ Mama Said Knock You Out _ Take The Money And Run Records
89 Skratch Gangstaz _ Extra Credit (Lesson 3 Remix) _ Hip-Hop Slam



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