the ultimate mix?

So, who knows Ninjamixdump? If you don’t, it a free service where you can .. guess what… dump mixes.

Well, it’s earned quite a following over it’s two year existence and to celebrate it’s second birthday it was decreed a monster mix was to be created from the 4,500+ strong archive of tasty tablism, mad mixology and wonky wrongness.

dj pnutz took up the challenge “raiding the mixdump and pulling a few favourites. using a combination of ableton and live mixing to compose the mix. treating it as a long track rather than a mix due to the nature of the music selected. cutting 40 mixes into 67 segments to produce near 60 minutes for the final mixdown. i hope that you enjoy listening as much as i enjoyed making it, with thanks to all the artists for providing such wonderful music to work with.”

Happily, Remdog’s monster V.52, made it onto the final mix.

dj pnutz : ninja mixed up dump by ninjamixdump


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