moneyshot on wax – the stunt cock EP

Long time friend of the fam DJ Money$hot has put out an EP he describes as a “DJ friendly mash up for dancefloor burning,” and its receiving mad love. Check this five star review on Monkeyboxing

If clicking links isn’t your thing, then don’t worry because I’m about to select the choice quotes.. ok..

1. All that shenanigans aside, what Moneyshot delivers here is a three track gem showcasing his canny knack for marrying a killer hook and up-to-date funky breakbeat production.

2. The monkey’s vote rests with the soul-sampling Holla 4 Help

3. The hammond plus heavy breaks plus chopped up rap samples action in Country Chops runs it a close second as does his Earth Mover which cheekily toys (no pun intended) with Carole King’s I Feel The Earth Move

It’s a three tracker, and you can buy it here


One thought on “moneyshot on wax – the stunt cock EP

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