too cheap to pay for Remi’s book?

Well, he’s very kindly put a lo res version on line here, in the hope that it’ll inspire some of you to purchase and place on coffee tables.

Ideally in doctors lounges, or airport VIP areas, or indeed any public place where cats with cash to buy art frequent.

Remi is known to us here at 64 bar towers as the architect of some of the tougher tracks in the 64 bar catalogue, his track V.52, which was widely regarded as one of the best tunes on 64:3 made it onto pnutz’s Ninjamixdump ultimomix

He’s also our in house artist, and has made the pretty picture you see to your left, and the official artwork for 64:4 and 64:5.

But back to the book, and it’s simply described as: “Artwork from the past 25 years from post graffiti artist – Remi/Rough”.

It’s as stunning as it is huge, and its 108 pages.


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