Bristol headz get super sneaky 64:5 peek

The famed Pipe and Slippers bar in Bristol was the setting for an exclusive reveal of the latest beats from 64barmusic, on February 24.

DJ Moneyshot and Roy Strong host a night each and every Thursday by the name of Flipzilla. It’s an opportunity to showcase their eclectic tastes to a crowd that are open to persuasion.

If you’re not familiar with this location, think of a compact bar with vintage stylings. There’s a mish-mash of clientele, ranging from socially functioning crackheads to asymmetrically hair-cutted hipsters.

Its also a hub for headz who like nothing more than a progressive bassline and a crackling beat.

In fact, the first person to arrive on the scene is Purple Radio‘s Sherlock Ohms, a character whose nu-funk record bag has seen plenty of action in the recent weeks.

He openly describes himself as an “obsessive music nerd since his formative years” on his Soundcloud page.

“Hot.” was his simple assessment of the beats of Cosmo Lopez, just one of the artists showcased during the hour long set.  And Sherlock couldn’t resist a sneaky peep at Kovas’ laptop every time a new beat dropped. He added:  “Sonic lushness from the 64 bar music boys and girls – I’d love to get my hands on a few of these tunes …”

He wont have to wait much longer as the 64:5 mix is now due in March.

“It was good to get a feel of which tunes actually work in a live setting,” said Kovas. “It’s one thing mixing them in the house, but you never really know how the mood will be in a place at a particular time.”

“I was especially pleased with the response to ‘Yellow’, by Cosmo Lopez. Pleased but not surprised. His beats are bang current and expertly crafted.”

The 64barchallenge mix is of course a free download, and will be available on Postbocks and Mixcloud from the first week in March.

There will also  be a high value-lo cost EP available from Bandcamp from March  with six selected slices from the mix.


64:5 taking shape

Kovas promo for 64 bar 5 by 64barmusic

With the fifth installment of the 64barchallenge mix series landing in just a couple of weeks, Kovas stepped away from the turntables, and spoke about some of the music, and where to get hold of it.

“I have to say, this one will be astounding,” he said.

“Its been a six month project putting this together. The last 64 bar challenge mix came in September on 2010 and so as I thought it was unlikely that people would drop tunes over Christmas, we made a deadline of Jan 31 to send tracks in.

“We signed up around 20-25 people, it gets a bit hard to manage but ultimately I’ve been left with approximately 30 tunes, the standard of which is really very high.”

There are a number of new faces for this mix, including Keep Up! records’ electro don Cosmo Lopez, long time big-shot Mike Ladd and the more than musical Andy Digitonal.

“Andy’s track (Eighteen) is off the hook,” said Kovas. “He’s done it in a 5/4 time signature, its got great rhythmic flow and its totally fresh for 64 bar. It’s nice to get a musician of his calibre on this project.”

There are artists from all over the planet on this mix, there’s Canada’s Day of Vengeance, China based Kultershock, Paris based duo of Mike Ladd and Monk A, and you gotta flip the globe to find Becy, who represents Australia.

“Becy has made this haunting love song which is very different to her other tracks and features her on vocals.”

Kovas added: “I have to say I’m a little bit gutted I’ve handed over the main responsibility for the mixing of this set of tracks to Killer Tomato as there is such an amazing range of tracks in there.”

The mix will be available from March from as a free download. It’s available as a stream on and on

As well as the mix for download, there will be a name your own price EP coming out on Bandcamp, so head to
For more information, check

Melbourne Representz

Artists from Melbourne will collaborate on a project dubbed Melbourne Representz, coming June 2011.

The project comes from the production house that conceived the 64barchallenge mix series, where contributors submit a track at an elected tempo, 64 bars in length. It’s then up to a DJ to piece it all together to form a coherent mix.

And now Melbourne becomes the second city to embrace the concept, after artists in Cardiff kick-started the concept last week.

Already signed up for the gig is Becy.  She has submitted tracks for both the fourth and fifth 64barchallenge mixes, and revealed why she wanted to play her part in organising the mix.

She said: Representz is a creation of an entirely new piece of work, collaboratively, cross-genres not a track, not a set, but something else.

“It’s a unique way to meet and interact with new people.

And Becy, who released on Vim records earlier this year explained how the creative process differs because of the rules of the project. “You can have an intense little nugget of creativity without the long process of creating a track, so it can be a bit spontaneous.”

Other names who’ve committed to the project include Ehsan Gelsi, Evan Sparks, Kultrun ,Enclave, Funkedub, John King, Pat Stormont, Komplex, all well known names in Melbourne.

To vote for a tempo, use the poll below. Voting closes on March 1, 2011 and the mix is expected in June.

If you’re in Melbourne, and would like to get involved in this project, leave a comment and we’ll be in touch real soon

Killer Tomato: On the guest list

Killer Tomato 64:5 DJ, Mr Killer Tomato speaks to 64barmusic, 0n the day he heard the tracks for the forthcoming mix.

Killer Tomato has been charged with splicing the 30 something tracks submitted for the fifth 64barchallenge mix, and if his vigorous head nodding is anything to go by, it’s something he’s going to enjoy.

“There’s a broad range of producers on there,” he observed. And he’s right. Not only broad in terms of age and profile, but broad in terms of geography.

Lets see, in this mix there are contributors based as far a field as China and Canada, Australia and France and that makes for a canvas of colours perfect for a painter of sounds.

To extend this slightly dodgy metaphor, Killer Tomato now is the man with the brushes and easel… painters use easels right?

Anyhow, making this mix is right up KT’s street. He said: “I first heard about 64barmusic through the blog site, there was quite a lot of buzz. And then Kovas actually called me up and asked if I wanted to get involved.

“There’s some really tight production on there. You’ve got the likes of Moneyshot, Rubberfunk and more it’s a privilege to be working with these people.

“I’ll be using Abelton Live to make the mix. I won’t be time stretching and warping, but just using it to sequence the sections I’ll mix on the turntables. Then I’ll add some cuts and master it.”

Killer Tom is super modest, so let your blog author makes some noise on his behalf. This man’s mixes are smart, highly crafted and clever. You can check them here

Find out more at his homepage

64barmusic launches new Representz series

Musicians from Cardiff will be the first to take up the challenge of showcasing their city in 64barmusic’s new Representz series.

The idea is an extension of the established 64barchallenge mix series and will follow the same production rules where each artist will submit a track 64bars in length, at an agreed tempo.

The project was confirmed at a Soundcloud meetup in Cardiff on Wednesday, February 9, 2011, where a group of around ten Soundclouders gathered at Buffalo Lounge.

“Making projects like this happen is precisely what these Soundcloud meetups #scmeetup are for,” said Kovas, the man behind 6barmusic.

“It brings the local musicians together, gets us out of the home studio and gives us a chance to set up and collaboratively work on something new.”

Soundcloud meetups , (search for #scmeetup) are informal gatherings organised by users, for users. They are a great way to meet fellow SoundClouders in real life, exchange ideas, ask questions and get to know their fellow local musicians

For those who don’t know, Soundcloud is a premier social media site specifically focused on musicians. It’s a cloud service where users create, record and share the sounds the produce anywhere to friends, family and the world.

Peanut Turner arranged the Cardiff #scmeetup said: “Soundcloud is THE social network for musicians, enabling them to collaborate and share ideas from anywhere in the world. To be involved in such a universal event will really help to put Cardiff on the map musically, and the Representz series of mixes will allow musicians from all over the country to showcase their regional talents.”

Kovas added: “It’d be nice to push this idea out to other cities around the world. If anyone wants to get in touch from their city, then get in touch through the contact form on

64barmusic-Cardiff001 has a provisional release date of June 2011.

Musicians, bands or produers who want to get involved, fill out the contact form here

To vote on a tempo, use the poll below, voting will close on March 1, 2011

Ninja tune forum vs Tahrir Square – Swift loves them both

James Swift takes timeout to chat to 64bar and compares the Ninjatune forum to … wait for it… Tahrir Square.

He  has come a long way, literally a long way. This is a boy with an Irish accent who has lived in Austria, Australia and had to make a sharp exit out of Cairo last week as the troubles kicked off.

And with such a wide range of sights he’s seen, he’s developed a style that comes straight from the imagination – but somehow, he’s managed to get it down on file.

James has been a mainstay of 64bar since the project stated in 2009, when he was based in Australia at a time he claims he needed a lift to get back into writing.

He explains: “The first time I heard about 64barmusic, I was sat in Sydney with no inspiration, and it was like somebody gave me a task with some limits and that gave me the motivation to do something.”

He uses Abelton live, an MPD and a Macbook pro, and works to create “ a melody through the noise.”

He’s modest, and says: “The thing I like the most is that everybody is so surprisingly good and it makes me feel bad about the crap that I put in.

“But then you get feedback from people who really like it and you realise that what you’ve done isn’t too bad.

“My favourite 64barchallenge mix was definitely number four. That was stunning. It was very well mixed and super entertaining and a really nice thing to listen to while I was travelling.”

But what about his influences? Well as every good head will tell you, Dorian Concept, Aphex Twin and Amon Tobin cannot be ignored, but James also has aspirations of unlocking the secret of the mainstream sound.

“Just regular pop can be so fantastic. They are doing something so hard which is to make  something instantly accessible and occasionally great and timeless.

“That is harder than any knob twiddling, showgazing sound that many people who are respected in ‘the scene’ are trying to achieve.

James’ album, Killbots have feelings too is available here

Taste the sex- 64:5 Promo tracks get played 300 times in 24 hours

So, as 64 bar continues to grow into a proper little freebie label, we’re starting to put out promo packs. Four tunes have been selected to represent the sounds on the forthcoming 64 bar challenge mix.  Something must be going right as there were 306 plays in the first 24 hours. That my friends, is a record. Now it’s time to post them to the blog.. so here goes

64:5 promo tracks by 64barmusic

Here’s what people are saying on 64bar’s spiritual home, the Ninjatune forum

Re: Eighteen by Andy Digitonal
“Tis a beauty of a track” – Astro
“F&ck me the lad’s got talent” – Monkizzle
“His effort is very good” Cosmo Lopez (come on dude…what a lame quote, give me some juice next time)

And what did Andy, the hottest man in the building say: “totally hot. all brilliant. magenta is *so* tightly produced. wouldn’t even know how to start making beats that tight. Really good tune as well. Feel like I need a drop suspension to fully appreciate it. Reck’s basically sounds like it came straight off Urban Renewal Program and Bobby’s has a bongo break. holla!”

The mix is due to drop in March, with Killer Tomato pumped. He said: “All the tracks in yet? I can’t wait to get to my hands on it”

The boy needs patience, as several of the contributors are still to send in their tracks.