Taste the sex- 64:5 Promo tracks get played 300 times in 24 hours

So, as 64 bar continues to grow into a proper little freebie label, we’re starting to put out promo packs. Four tunes have been selected to represent the sounds on the forthcoming 64 bar challenge mix.  Something must be going right as there were 306 plays in the first 24 hours. That my friends, is a record. Now it’s time to post them to the blog.. so here goes

64:5 promo tracks by 64barmusic

Here’s what people are saying on 64bar’s spiritual home, the Ninjatune forum

Re: Eighteen by Andy Digitonal
“Tis a beauty of a track” – Astro
“F&ck me the lad’s got talent” – Monkizzle
“His effort is very good” Cosmo Lopez (come on dude…what a lame quote, give me some juice next time)

And what did Andy, the hottest man in the building say: “totally hot. all brilliant. magenta is *so* tightly produced. wouldn’t even know how to start making beats that tight. Really good tune as well. Feel like I need a drop suspension to fully appreciate it. Reck’s basically sounds like it came straight off Urban Renewal Program and Bobby’s has a bongo break. holla!”

The mix is due to drop in March, with Killer Tomato pumped. He said: “All the tracks in yet? I can’t wait to get to my hands on it”

The boy needs patience, as several of the contributors are still to send in their tracks.


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