64barmusic launches new Representz series

Musicians from Cardiff will be the first to take up the challenge of showcasing their city in 64barmusic’s new Representz series.

The idea is an extension of the established 64barchallenge mix series and will follow the same production rules where each artist will submit a track 64bars in length, at an agreed tempo.

The project was confirmed at a Soundcloud meetup in Cardiff on Wednesday, February 9, 2011, where a group of around ten Soundclouders gathered at Buffalo Lounge.

“Making projects like this happen is precisely what these Soundcloud meetups #scmeetup are for,” said Kovas, the man behind 6barmusic.

“It brings the local musicians together, gets us out of the home studio and gives us a chance to set up and collaboratively work on something new.”

Soundcloud meetups , (search for #scmeetup) are informal gatherings organised by users, for users. They are a great way to meet fellow SoundClouders in real life, exchange ideas, ask questions and get to know their fellow local musicians

For those who don’t know, Soundcloud is a premier social media site specifically focused on musicians. It’s a cloud service where users create, record and share the sounds the produce anywhere to friends, family and the world.

Peanut Turner arranged the Cardiff #scmeetup said: “Soundcloud is THE social network for musicians, enabling them to collaborate and share ideas from anywhere in the world. To be involved in such a universal event will really help to put Cardiff on the map musically, and the Representz series of mixes will allow musicians from all over the country to showcase their regional talents.”

Kovas added: “It’d be nice to push this idea out to other cities around the world. If anyone wants to get in touch from their city, then get in touch through the contact form on www.64barmusic.co.uk

64barmusic-Cardiff001 has a provisional release date of June 2011.

Musicians, bands or produers who want to get involved, fill out the contact form here

To vote on a tempo, use the poll below, voting will close on March 1, 2011


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