64:5 tracklist finalised

The order of the beats making up the fifth 64barchallenge mix has now been finalised. It is a journey by two DJ’s – Killer Tomato and Kovas, and is 84 minutes of crazy.

Kovas said: “The sequencing of any mix is a tricky thing, and it was no surprise that trying to mould 31 tracks into one took  a few attempts before we were happy with it.

“Killer Tom did a lot of the hard work in sequening the tracks, and I complimented his efforts with some sections I thought worked well together. ”

“It was really helpful playing out in Bristol last week as it gave me a sense of what tracks work well in what order.”

64barchallenge vol 5: 98 bpm tracklist

1. DJ Reck – Stabbed in the dark
2. Bobby Corridor – What
3. Dr Skunkenstein – The Cypher
4. Jose B – Non Stop Music
5. Andy Digitonal – Eighteen
6. Kovas – Blue light
7. Tom central- Left Behind
8. Olympic Cyclone Band – Iwo Jima Fever
9. Mumbo Jumbo – G Fiddy
10. Kovas Firewalker
11. DJ Moneyshot- It Aint Right
12. Cosmo Lopez  – Magenta –
13. Mike Ladd – Buzz Buzz
14. Becy – Wolves in my head
15. Dave Graham – Pass over and out
16. Remi – Dragon
17. Bobby Corridor – Jail Bass
18. Proof of Concept – This is my heart
19. Day of Vengeance – Winter tears
20 Cosmo Lopez – Yellow
21. Cosmp Lopez – Cyan
22. Techniken Defunkus – Keep Our Streets Cyclotron
23. Kulturshock – Chun Jei
24. Melonhands – Sex in fairly predictable places
25. Monk A – Ghosts of trip hop past
26. Bobby Corridor – Blue
27. Sir Ape – revision 200
28. The 13th Tribe – So What (feat Khain 74 and Patos Dus)
29. Kelp – Clear off
30. James ++ – Emergency Sky Border Cross
31. K.A.L – Nightmare alley

The mix will be available to download from March 4, from http://www.postbocks.com  and as a stream from http://www.mixcloud/sixtyfourbarmusic and also from http://www.percussionlab.com


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