Hot live set from Becy

Becy in control
Becy, the antipodean knob turner, has come good with a 60 minute progressive mix.

It’s a loop based journey through her recent works and was recorded live using Abelton.

She explains. “I set myself a project recently. I went back through all of my finished tracks and rendered all the parts into 4 and 8 bar loops. this was a time-consuming incredibly tedious task, but it means I have heaps of material for livesets. I also took half finished tracks that just didn’t go anywhere at the time and rendered them too. I’ve got a tidy little library now.

“For this liveset I had the loops arranged into channels like kick, snare, hats, percussion, lead1, lead2, pad, bassline, vox and sfx. And I had the percussive instruments routed into a separate channel which had some effects that I could trigger live to mix it up a little bit.

“I began recording and realised I didn’t have enough work to make up an hour long set. So I knocked up a few little nifty loops and threw them into the mix.

“I’m pleased with the result. It didn’t take much mastering. Just a bit of a gentle eq, since all the parts had been taken from finished tracks for the most part.”

It’s the kind of project that may start out in the bedroom, but has the makings of a dope club set.

“I’ve got no plans to play this one out live, but I’d like to,” she said. The best thing about this set, is that each time I play it I can make it completely different from the last time. It’s quite a spontaneous set up with no real rules of how the loops work together. Any one of them can work with any other, since I pitched them to match each other.

It’s a beauty of a set and the geeks amongst the listeners will be listening keenly to spot and fader and turning action. It may come as a surprise to some just how this was put together.

Becy revealed that, “With this set I was limited.”

“My midi controller is in the middle of a protracted breakdown (poor thing) so I just used my laptop keys and the mouse to trigger and modulate.

With that in mind, it’s a silky performance with too many highlights to mention.

What about the future? What’s the next step for Becy?

“I’m quite looking forward to getting a new laptop and some new midi controllers.  Would really love to get a Novation LaunchPad to trigger clips and something else to use to muck the effects about with.”

Becy is masterminding the Melbourne Representz mix for 64barmusic, it should be a cracker of a mix if this is anything to go by.

“We have a stack of amazing people on board”, she said. “It’s been a real easy sell getting people signed up. They have all bought into the idea of making their tracks 64 bars length. ”

The tempo of that mix will be 126bpm, and is due in the summer. For now, enjoy her Live Set.


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