Remdog, the man who never sleeps?

Remi/Rough, Remdog. This is a man who has dual identity, and with each I.D comes a sack of projects. This is a man who seems to have mastered the 25 hour day, lord knows there shouldn’t be enough time in a standard day to fit in all the shiznit he has on his plate.

Remdog is well known to the followers of 64barmusic.  He has contributed to every one of the five mixes to date and his gorgeous abstract artwork graced 64:4 and 64:5. He is also due to reveal the latest (64:6) sleeve art in the coming days.

Remi/Rough is his artistic handle, but today’s news is mostly about his other moniker, and the forthcoming EP which will function as a teaser for his latest LP -‘Experts say there’s no cause for alarm.’

The EP is called “Inside The Arrows Remix EP” and will be released via Bandcamp at the end of March.

Remdog told us all about it. “It’s a collaborative effort with some amazing remixes done by some incredible producers, I thought this would be the best entry level dialogue with these songs.”

There is a pretty much all-star cast of remixers, From WrongTom to Buddy Peace to Devon’s finest, Kelp.

Remdog said: “I asked friends if they were down initially, but I’d been listening to ‘Duppy Writer’ and ‘Old Ghosts’ by WrongTom, so I knew I needed him on it… Buddy Peace and I have been threatening working together for ages and this seemed a good starting point for that relationship.

“Kelp is a good friend as is Mike Ladd, probably the only slightly left of field contributor is GravyPaste who is who my fellow Agent Of Change – System… I love his Ultraviolet remix!”

We asked Remdog if gave the remixers any specific instructions, and his response was that he “kind of did.”

He continued: “I briefed everyone on really keeping to their own style and not to be distracted by the originals. To use as much or as little as they deemed necessary. I think they all did sterling efforts… I wasn’t even vaguely disappointed with a single one.”

Remdog the musician is super super busy so when we asked him what other music projects are you working on, he gave this massive response.

“I have the full Remdog album ready to go with some awesome guests like Mike Ladd, Rob Sonic, Second Class Citizen, Nature Boy Jim Kelly, Megson, Helicopter Girl and Paul Statham… I’ve been working on this album for quite a while and I’m really happy with how it sounds.

“I am also working on a Top Secret project with Buddy Peace… I can’t say anymore on that tho I’m afraid… and there’s an electronic album in the pipeline too.

“I also recently recorded vocals for King Cannibal and the Dark Flowers Project, which features Peter Murphy from Bauhaus and Jim Kerr from Simple Minds, I’m pretty excited about that project.”

But it’s not all music, and with his Remi/Roughe hat one – the hat that brings home the $$$, he’ll be touring the globe painting.

“I’ve a lot of exhibitions penned in for this year,” he said.”

“The next one is in Newcastle at Unit 44 Gallery with Stormie Mills and then I have a show in Gent in Belgium, another in Paris and one in Perth, Australia… So lots of paintings to produce, plus god knows what in between all of those? There’s also going to be a very big Agents Of Change project this year!”

A Vancouver wall gets the Remi/Rough treatment

To the left you’ll see one of Remi’s most recent projects, an enormous abstract wall that now decorates a Vancouver hotel.

“That was four days, 10 hours a day,” he said. “I don’t know of any other walls that size with abstract graffiti from top to bottom. It was really hard work but such a great thing to look back on, I’m so proud of the end result.”

Back to the beats – you’ll be able to get the Remdog EP from by the end of March, but don’t clicky just get.. there’s nothing there right now.


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