Henry: Your starter for ten

Henry Leo checks us out
Thanks to the web, we’re now in contact with a Mr Henry Leo  Duclos of Lemon Grove, California.

His beat below is a breath of fresh air and he’s on board to make his first beat for 64barmusic in the summer.

[audio  http://www.scissornest.com/audio/henry%20leo%20duclos%20-%20wrought.mp3%5D

That was nice no?  And there’s a killer, killer beat on his site here It’s a dark head nodder with some rhytmic twists that has been on loop during the half an hour I’ve been making this blog post.  He describes is music as: “Heavy blasts of dark math  – Dense textural percussive emotional sound collage.”

After a little orange dot on my 64barmusic Soundcloud page alerted me to his music.  I wrote ten questions down and messaged him>> here’s what he bounced back.

1. When was the first time you heard of 64 bar music?
I first stumbled onto the project just this last fall.

2. What’s the thing you like most about the project? Music is very personal – like a fingerprint. Collecting and fusing it together in a kind of fluid whole becomes unpredictable. That part is exciting for me – not being in control of what grows out of your creation or how it might evolve.

3. Talk us through your production techniques, what equipment do you use? Both my sketching and final sequencing are usually done using Reason, occasionally in conjunction with Live. Often exporting and remixing single elements or whole tracks into Sound Forge and Recycle – to then be layered on top of the original. I build my percussion almost exclusively around samples; pulling from a large library I created and/or collected over the years … using a small battery powered tape recorder and record player … and a VCR.

4. What have been the stand out tracks in the 64 bar challenge mix series? Overall I would say every mix is surprisingly engaging, but if I had to choose a couple tracks I would say “Stabbed in the Dark” and the KAL track from mix 3.

5. Tell us a bit about you, who are you?  What have you done in the past thats worth talking about? Years ago I was much more involved in various online music communities. Working on tracks for various net-labels and other artists, but school and work kinda took me out of the flow … sent me into hibernation.

6. What are your current projects? For a while now I’ve just been sleeping and collecting. I haven’t done anything solid for so long or even shown anyone my sounds that I cant honestly say Ive done much of anything worth talking about – I’ve just been building quietly to myself, but I think its about time I share.

7 Describe in 30 seconds, the Ninja tune forum? I signed up a while back to finally contribute on the forum, rather than just lurk in the shadows.  I’d say it was  a large digital representation of an organism, separate yet joined out of a shared vibrational frequency – working in rough unison to further explore that frequency.

8. Any other nonsense you want to talk? Is the bass wobble dead yet?

9. What was your favorite 64 bar challenge mix? The 5th one is growing on me, but I would have to say that number 3 is my favorite.

10 which of the producers makes you moist? Not sure I would the same wording on that one, but off the top of my head I would have say that the Kobra Audio Labs stuff is tops.

It’ll be on the 64:6 or 64bc 6 or the 64barchallenge vol 6, there’s gotta be a #tag or two amonst that little lot.

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