DJ Food to mix up 64 bar challenge vol 6

Solid Steel mainstay and Ninja-Tune icon, DJ Food, will add his creative weight to the 64bar challenge as the DJ of the sixth mix in the series.

Food, aka Strictly Kev, will become the fourth DJ to get involved and wil deliver the mix with Kovas in July.

Project curator Kovas has a hand in each of the five mixes to date and was joined on volume four by DJ Twit, and on volume five by triple DMC finalist, Killer Tomato.

Now it’s the turn of the man whose incredible ear for a tune has seen him ride high on many all-time top DJ lists to take the helm.

Kovas said: “I can honestly say I’m delighted to have Kev involved. I reserve phrases like boyhood hero for Bryan Robson and Daly Thompson, however the Jazz Brakes series of EP’s changed my life.

“I found Ninja Tune early in their life cycle, and DJ-ed out their unique sound to surprised audiences on a regular basis since then. ‘Ninja Walk’ still gets played today to great responses.”

And DJ Food, who for over 20 years has torn stages to shreds said: “I love the fact that the 64 bar challenge project brings out the competitive / creative streak in people.

“I think the fifth one is my favourite, the standard keeps getting higher with each one.”

The fifth mix was released on March 4, and within 100 hours had reached 500 plays and downloads.

Kovas said: “I use 500 as a benchmark figure to see how well we’re doing getting the mixes out there. This was the fastest uptake of any of the mixes. And with DJ Food on board for the next one, I don’t anticipate this pattern to change.

DJ Food explains how the 64 bar challenge came up on his radar: “It has been around a while before I dipped my toe in,” he said. “It always seemed to be an ongoing concern on the Ninja forum for the last couple of years.”

The 64 bar challenge was conceived in 2009 and has been brought to life by the lively members of the Ninja Tune forum, a spot he describes as: “A treacherous hive of scum and villainy”, it’s an odd beast, I fought for its existence last year but sometimes I wonder why.”

Well, precisely for this reason Mr Food. And everyone on that board will pay heartfelt thanks.

The forum faced the axe last year after a series of unfortunate events involving slightly less than stable members of the general public infiltrating the community. The lead Ninja bosses to question its PR value. Co-incidentally, a rebrand of the website meant there were major changes to the rather unique forum. In the space of 24 hours, the community upped sticks and left en masse, only to return 24 hours later.

DJ Food continued:  “It’s great that people can participate without the need to worry about contracts, constraints and the usual things associated with releasing a track.”

“I’m a big fan of DJ Moneyshot’s mixes and his production is coming on pretty nicely, Day of Vengeance is good,  Proof of Concept is immaculate, Tom Central’s done some great stuff that I regularly play out.”

All three of those artists have signed up to participate in the forthcoming mix, which will land on July 2011, on Voting for a tempo closes on March, with the likely winner being 110 BPM.


Mar 26th – Cully Jazz festival, Cully, Switzerland

Apr 8th – 4KM, Sofia, Bulgaria

Apr 14th – Thiefeur, Les Arcs, France

Apr 16th – Lockside Lounge, London, UK

May 28th – Knockengorrock Festival, Carsphairn, UK

Jun 9th Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, UK


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