Proof of Concept – Dirty Henry 2008 demo

This is a rather remarkable video was created by Henry Rolls in 2008 for Proof of Concept’s track “Product of Experience” It was made from 1000’s of stills taken on a mobile phone sliced together. Take a look..

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Proof of Concept explains:  “Back in 2008 I was contacted via myspace by a chap that said he was working on a video project, loved my music and would love to create something with / around one of my track.

“At that time I was working on Product of Experience and very much enjoying the way in which it was unfolding, so I agreed then sent him a copy soon as it was completed.

“I had no idea what Henry did, I was just thinking, “free video! cool” so I was pretty shocked when I saw the results, bear in mind this is not a stack of images of an iphone or similar, it is a whole heap of images shot on an entry level standard phone then edited using free software.

“I love the result, it particularly appeals to me on how accessible this format is. All it takes is being a massive geek (I consider geek a compliment) time to learn the skill then massive amounts of time to execute the production, much like learning to write music! This and the fact it seems to sit well with the music itself.

“Later on that year Dirty Henry contacted me and mentioned it was going to be up on a big screen at a music festival in Brighton, I very much enjoyed sneaking into the dancing crowd and checking out the track on the massive sound system.”

VJ Henry Rolls gigs at festivals and gigs  over the uk. Check his Myspace here


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