64:6 voted up at 110 bpm

Users of the 64barmusic blog have voted for the next 64 bar challenge mix to come in at  110bpm.

The result of the poll is


That means that the sixth mix will be super close in tempo to the original 64 bar challenge mix, which was 108 bpm.  It seems there is a need for speed amongst the voters… 64:4 was 88bpm, 64:5 was 98 bpm, and now 64:6 will be 110bpm.

Already confirmed to get involved is a real rogues gallery. Remdog – in. Proof of Concept in. KAL – in, Becy, Techdef, James++ … all in.

There’s a few new faces in the cast list and all told, there’s about 25 people confirmed on the mix, all will be revealed soon..

DJ Food and Kovas will deliver the mix in July. 

To submit a track, use this link by June 1, 2011. Make it 64 bars long @ 110 bpm.. then tag on an 8 bar intro and 8 bar percussive outro to faciliate a lovely smooth mix that doesnt cut into people’s tracks too much.

More soon.
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