Likey the new look?

You’ll notice that this blog has had a lick of paint. We switched from Monchrome theme to Duster, how’s it look?

This blog started up in May 2010. It had 300 or so views in the first month. It then lay dormant until the launch of 64:4 when it had 800 views in both October and November. February saw figures reach the 1000 mark for the first time, and with 21 days of March gone, the blog has had 1400 visitors.

Our editorial focuses on all the happenings here at 64bar towers, and all the interesting things everyone involved in the project gets up too.

This is of course a WordPress blog, it’s not self hosted as that brings complications your friendly blog author does not have time to deal with.

Lets take a second to run through the changes.

Never forget - the Monochrome theme

Never forget - the Monochrome theme

1. A new custom header – designed by Remi

2. Black background – to focus the eye on the delicious content

3. New sidebar images – which annoyingly won’t fit just how I want them

4. Posts no longer have a sidebar.

5. Slicker top nav bar

6. No nice graphical ‘Read more’ image

7. No. of comments now shown at top right of preview window.
These are all as a result of the switch of theme, and so.. please tell me what you think of the new look.


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