Lopez – Dropping bombs

Lopez are three DJ/producers originally from Paraguay who have been making beat music for a few years now with releases on Keep Up! and Brownswood.

They lit up 64:5 with three ridiculously hot tracks, and have a pair of EP’s coming out in the next couple of weeks via Junodownload.com so 64bar spent some time chatting to Cosmo Lopez. (that’s the handsome one on the left of the picture above)

They describe themseles as “synth enthusiasts with a massive love for jungle, soul, funk, disco, house and hip-hop.”  They produce music influenced by those genres but trying to push the envelope little by little.

Cosmo  said: “We like big bass, syncopation and swing on our music and hopefully all of this translates on the tunes we’ve been producing so far.

“What have we done in the past? Before getting together we all played in bands but playing really different types of music. Some played in funk bands, others in rock bands and the best ones played in black metal bands. So all over the shop as you can see. We then got together as we shared a mutual love of the hardcore continuum as well as black music generated on both sides of the Atlatic.”

Lopez have two EP’s out in the coming weeks, and after Lopez’s triple-threat introduction in 64:5, Javier told us about the forthcoming releases.

“There are actually 2 EPs,” he said. “Analogue Excursions Vol 1 & 2, the first one is the more squelchy/synthy/big bass one and the second one is the more sample-based, boom bap one.

“In total there ares 10 tracks that have been produced between 2007 and 2011, most of the ones on the first EP are the newest ones and the older stuff is on the second EP.

“I would say that most of the tracks on the first EP were done in about 2 months on and off as we were working on different projects at the same time. Making the basis of the tracks was fairly easy to be honest, it’s the final touches and the mixing that we spent a lot of time on but in the end the result was worth the effort (I hope).

“As for the second EP, with Keep Up! we recognised that a lot of people were asking for the more boom bap sound so we thought we would share the older beats with the public, as some of our previous output with that sort of sound got lots of love. This doesn’t mean that we are not happy with the tracks but the second EP represent more what we used to do than where our heads are at at the moment.

Their sound is big, bassy and brash. It’s all synth, all day long and it has the build to destroy dancefloors. 64bar asked  Cosmo which track was the standout of the bunch.

“I don’t think there is a highlight track,” he said.  “But I think the general consensus amongst the 3 of us in Lopez is that our favourite tracks are Frutika, JP3, WO and Asuncion Dub Excursion.

“These 4 tracks we did together, as in being all in the same room at the same time, unlike some of the other tracks that were done collaborating though the internet. So in a sense there is a romantic view about these tracks as we were really looking forward to getting together and throwing ideas around, something that is not that easy when some people live in the UK and the rest in Paraguay.

Cubase/Logic,Lots of synths and keyboards
(Mini Moog, MS-20, JP-8000, Juno 60, D-50, Rhodes, CS-5),
A couple of Space Echos, An echoplex,
And our favourite Paraguayan beer, Pilsen Pais.

What esle for the busy bunch? “We have a split 12 coming out on Keep Up! in the summer as LPZ (our new name for our Club Music type of tunes) with remixes from Tom Central and Ave Blaste, we are working on 2 remixes at the moment for artists I can’t quite mention right now as the remixes haven’t been finalised or approved yet but to our ears they sound great, then we are working on more LPZ and Lopez tracks for future releases.

“Recently I did  three tracks for the 64 bar challenge that came out not so long ago and the other two guys in Lopez (Pee and Jungle Lion) are also giving the finishing touches to their new drum n’ bass EP on Luv Disaster Records as Bass Reflex.”

Lopez may have been locked in the studio, but they do occasionally allow themselves out to tear down stages. “We have been playing out tracks from the Analouge Excursions EP’s in Europe and South America and the response have been really good so far.

“I was told they were banging some of those tunes at the Kid Koala/Dj Vadim & The Electric gig at Koko last week, apparently WO wobbled the place so quite happy with that. Same tune knocked down a speaker the other night at a gig with DJ Food and Hexstatic as well. We like our bass big and I think you can tell, especially with that tune.”

Lopez – Analogue Excursions Volume 1 coming out 28-03-11
Lopez – Analogue Excursions Volume 2 coming out 11-04-11


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