Meet – Million Way

James Bennetts is the drummer with Million Way, a energetic live electro house trio.  He’ll be making beats for the Cardiff Representz mix, landing in the summer, so 64bar caught up with him after a block-rocking gig in Cardiff’s 10 FT Tall.

“The gig at 10ft Tall was our first in Cardiff and it was absolutely rocking!” said James.  “It’s always interesting playing to a new crowd but these guys were awesome.

Million Way normally ply their trade across the bridge in Bristol, and James tells us how the band came together. “Million Way started out as an excuse to fill a room full of gear and bosh out some banging electronic music.

“Jasper and Bennetton both ended up in Bristol separately after living in London and fancying a change, both falling in love with the attitude towards making music it possesses.

“We weren’t expecting anything to come of it, we just all shared the same passion for electronic music.  But it soon became clear that we were doing something special; our first gig was at a mate’s festival in Devon and it absolutely went off.  From that moment on gigs started pouring in.

But as with so many electronic producers, the guys aren’t in this game for the $$$.  James explained: “Million Way, for us, is a labour of love.   When we play live we only use hardware, which means carting around racks of synths, samplers and effects, a full drum kit and bass rig.  We’re not about laptops and controllers, we’re about real people playing real instruments.  Although it would make life so much easier!

“Our sound is primarily electronic, we take influence from artist such as Daft Punk/Orbital/Luke Vibert/The Chems but introduce live-band instrumentation and a live-band vibe.

“Often we have people coming up to us saying “I wouldn’t usually like this sort of music” but we’re finding that the indie crowd are really digging us too.

“To be honest, we’re not really sure what we’re doing to generate such a good response. We’re just doing exactly what we want to do, and that’s play electronic music live.  Then again, I think I might have just answered my own question?!”

But back to the reason James and his band came up on the 64bar radar,  the Cardiff Reprsentz mix.

“I’m going to be contributing a tune towards 64bar’s Cardiff Repesentz. It’s a wicked idea and I can’t wait to see what the producers of Cardiff have to offer!

Kovas added: “I met James at a Soundcloud event in Buffalo Lounge when we came up with the idea of doing a mix from people based in Cardiff.

“I love how Million way cross between pop and electro. It’s accessible and fun. Most of the producers on the 64bar project are moody as f*ck, so it’s gonna be cool to get some different vibes in there.”

Expect the Cardiff Representz mix in late June or early July. More acts will be confirmed soon, so keep an eye on this blog.


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