Widening the reach

After recording our biggest monthly viewers total in March by some distance, I thought it might be a good time to take a look at the hows, and whys our numbers went up up and away.

Lets start with the background. If this is the first time you’re reading this blog, let me give you the scoop on what it’s all about. In 2009, a few friends on an internet forum decided to make tunes under  a collective header that came to be known as 64 bar music.  Since that time, five mix album have been made by around 40 producers, comprising of around 100 tracks.

In May 2010, the blog began so there was a permanent spot where people could download the mixes.  The first month saw 300 views, mostly thanks to the blog’s birth being flagged up on the forum the friends frequented.

At first, the blog author just thought of the site as a place to find the mixes, and it pretty much laid dormant until the launch of the fouth mix in October 2010.  That month saw 800 views, and that number was repeated in November. Probably thanks to a few articles promoting the mix.

It was then  that a clear content plan was put in place. Focus on the things that everyone on the project is doing. But there was no real effort made, and figures fell through the floor as content creation dwindled.

In January, we launced www.64barmusic.co.uk, as a partner for the blog site. All news is still done via the blog, and their is a link on the .co.uk site back to the WordPress site.  January also saw the implementation of a tagging stragegy, and the blog’s aeathetic was improved. Only in February 2011, with the promo push for the fifth 64barchallenge mix, did the content stratgey kick in and numbers improve. February saw the site break through  the  1000 barrier for the first time, and there were over 2700 visits in March.

Who are these people? We’d like to hear from them / you.

The lesson we’ve learnt so far, is that yes, content is indeed king.. but you gotta share it about a bit.  Our most effective tool so far has been Twitter, and Stumbleupon provides a few refererrs.

In March, we started looking further to things like Blog Catalog, and Tumblr, which auto fills from content on the WordPress site. The hope is that people can be alerted to our content from a number of different sources.

With a content strategy based around the happenings of a small community, generating interest in the wider community is the challenge. We try and give airtime to things we back, and believe in – and hope there are enough people who have a simil;ar interest in less commercial, but still well put together music.

The real challenge will be to maintain interest. We expect figures to drop off again as the blog author won’t have the time to produce fresh content through April, May and June.

The sixth 64barchallenge mix comes out in July. Lets see what happens then.


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