Remix time from K.A.L

Kobra Audio Labs have  given the BURNINGBeeS track ‘Nature Boy’ the remix treatment.

He’s given a lovely light summertime track a darkening, and his stripped down sound can be heard below.

He said: “it doesn’t have the same sunny vibe as the original, and i left out most of the fantastic lead vocal- but the BURNINGBeeS have a definite psychedelic side, as my music has too – so I decided to reach for that vibe.”

The relationship between Dumb hero and BURNINGBeeS  goes way back, they are former collaborators and KAL has remixed tracks by their previous band Abacus Roolz.

This meant that no pointers were given when KAL was given the part of the track.

“I think the fact we’re old friends means the trust my instincts & their reaction to the remix has borne that out,” said KAL.

It could be that more remix activity is on the way as KAL says “I have in my possession all of the separate audio tracks for most of the songs on the new BURNINGBeeS album, ‘good seed bad soil’ & I will be messing with them all over the next few weeks, something I am looking forward too.”

“Neil (singer) sent me a compilation of French music – he lives in France – and I was quite taken with the sound of some of the music. I  began with percussion and fuzzed up the bass, the rest was easy after that. It’s hard to mess up working with good source material.

And here is the original:

So what else from BURNINGBeeS is worth checking? KAL gave us the lo-down>: “The aforementioned album, which comes out in June 2011, is definitely worth checking,” he said. there are also two albums by the previous guise of these guys, abacus roolz, which are worth seeking out too. We have all been making music – either together or apart – for many years now.

64bar fans will know KAL for his consistently high-quality output in the 64barchallenge mix series. He’s never missed a mix and in fact, his tracks are considered standout by many. But this, more stripped down sound is a bit different to his 64bar output, and he explained why

“It might be a little different because of the original sounds and I’ve held back on the beats side, but to me it’s no different to most of my recent music. a track on my ‘tones, drones & broken bones album has a similar sound, as does my last 64bar challenge track ‘Nightmare Alley, and I also did a remix of an Abacus Roolz track (‘Closer’) on my ‘Dumb Heroes’ EP.

KAL keeps himself busy, and forthcoming projects include

  • Lots more remixes for BURNINGBeeS.
  • A 50minute cassette with beats on one side and more psychedelic stuff on the other.
  • A long delayed collab with Madslo (Day of Vengeance) will hopefully happen too.

Get more info on Kobra Audio Labs at their site, here

and i left out most of the fantastic lead vocal, but the BURNINGBeeS have a definite psychedelic side, as my music has too – so I decided to reach for that vibe.”

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