Bobby Corridor drops lyrics

Bobby CorridorWith the 64bar challenge Vol 6 just around the corner. We spoke to the big cheese, Bobby Corridor. This is the man who has more 64bar beats in the catalogue than any one else.
He’s been there since day one, and virtually owned the second mix with four tracks making the final album. Read more after the jump>>
Here’s what he had to say  “I am Bobby Corridor AKA Daryl Shit, I am an East Anglian boy. I enjoy grown man business and pretending it’s still 1988.
“I didn’t think much about the sound of the previous mixes as I wouldn’t know how to get it to sound like those if I tried as I have very little technical ability. My main aim was make my track louder than previous ones I’ve done as mine have sounded a bit quiet compared to others.
“Not sure which track will get used but they started in the usual way- open up Cubase and either grab some random samples from the vionaylz behind me or open up a VST instrument and draw a pretty picture. Work something round that then delete what I first thought of (although I try to think as little as possible). One track was more about the lo-fi samples and a result of listening to some old Req stuff and the other one was all about pre-set sounds and an obtuse kick drum.
“I tend to only make tracks for the 64 bar challenge these days, most of my musical energy is spent chasing down the r@rerapping vionels. Occasionally I’ll do some mixes but as I age the idea of throwing hundreds of tracks together is less appealing and I prefer a leisurely placed mix of things from the past.
“I think I’ve been involved in all the 64 bar challenges “bar” one. Not sure which has been my favourite. The “bar” has been high from the start and they’ve been getting better and better so I’ll be well future bass and go with this one.”
Well said BC. Look out for another slice of heavy when the sixth 64bar mix hits the world in September 2011. MIxed by Dj Food, this is likely to be the final 64 bar mix, and will end the project on a high note with over 30 tracks on the mix, coming from producers from pretty much every continent from the list.
I’ve heard the ninjatune forum is a bit like a religion, I’m sure I read something on there about “these cults” or something.
No other business. Meeting adjourned.

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