Time to call time on 64 bar challenge mix series

The sixth and final mix in the 64 bar challenge series will be released in early September, with the project drawing to a natural conclusion by way of a return to its roots.

DJ Food has selected and sliced 29 tracks into a 52 minute mix that draws a neat line under a 28 month project.

Kovas said: “Every project has a natural life cycle, and I think its right to call time on the 64 bar challenge for a few different reasons.

“We’ve done six mix albums now and each time the standard gets better. That’s not to say the first one was poor, quite the opposite, it was a great starting point and something that has been built on.

“With this mix at 110 bpm, it’s like we’ve come full circle and so now seems like the perfect time to call it a day.”

The 64 bar challenge was conceived by the friends on the Ninja Tune forum back in April 2009. The first mix was launched in June and has 15 tracks from 14 artists.

Users of the forum and blog vote for a tempo, and the six mixes were 108, 140, 88, 98, 128 and finally 110 bpm.

This sixth mix has 29 tunes from 28 artists and DJ Food has been enlisted to piece them together. “The result is quite something, and I’m sure many people will think this is the best mix of the series – so we’re going to quit while we’re ahead,” said Kovas.

At the time of the release of the sixth 64bar challenge, the previous five mixes had over 7000 plays and downloads via this blog and the numerous hosting sites, Postbocks, Mixcloud, Percussion Lab and Official FM.

Since the first release, there have been over 40 producers involved, from unknown bedroom producers to established artists and DJsfrom all over the world.”We’ve been lucky that so many dope producers have bought into this concept. I’ve simply curated it, and plugged away to try and make it the best it could be. There’s no doubt that this a special example of how people can come together online and make something amazing,  No one has got paid for this project, we just do it because we love to make music.”

Kovas on the midi controllerKovas explained the initial concept: “The original challenge was to see how many ways people could interpret a set tempo and a set length. Any style was acceptable, and I suppose the first album could be characterised as dark electronica.

“It was never planned to do six albums, we just kept on making them as there seemed to be a will to do so by the people involved, I don’t think that will has diminished but the forum is such a creative space, that other projects have been born and maybe it’s best to focus on seeing them grow.”

The mix, crafted by DJ Food will land in the first week of September. He said: “”I thought the standard this time was very high although the series has had many highlights. Production on some of the tracks is stunning too and would stand up to any current release.

“ I tried my hardest to mix everything to compliment one another so that the flow seemed natural and only a couple of tracks resisted repeated attempts to fit them in, so rather than shoehorn them felt it benefited the overall mix to leave them out, sorry to those people.

“Certain names and styles keep cropping up in these challenges and I’m pretty sure we’ll hear more and more from them in the future”.

You can get more information at the home of 64 bar music, 64barmusic.wordpress.com

2 thoughts on “Time to call time on 64 bar challenge mix series

  1. boo! but understandable. best to kill it in it’s infancy & remember the cheeky faultless skin than let it age & start smelling. i raise a glass to kovas & contributors for the hours of quality listening

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