64:6 tracklist confirmed

Here it is…

Mix coming 09 September 2011
Henry Leo duclos – Dust Works
The 13th Tribe – Vida Salva Vida feat Lido Pimienta & El Langui (Voca)
Mumbo Jumbo – Twinkletoes
Techniken Defunkus – Bandsaw
The 13th Tribe – Sociedad No Limit feat MC Safa
KAL – Superghost
The Fifteen Dead Minutes – Lambda
Monkizzle – Hanging to the Left
Bobby Corridor- Bells
Echo Park – All Told
Dowdy – Pitch
Jose Bee – J.O.Y
DJ Moneyshot – Fire and the Fury
The Mexicanbob – In With The Swingers
Olympic Cyclone Band – Way Huge
Gravypaste – 64bar Magic
James Swift – Creeping
Harry Chronic JR – 64 challenger
Algo – Dark Fracture
Day Of Vengeance – Whitewalker
Remdog – Aqualung (instrumental)
Day Of Vengeance – Stugg
Kelp – Broken Broken
Henry Barrett – (for De Stijl Life Projekt)- 1103
Kovas – The Clearing
Becy 10 – Wish You Were Here
The Crane – Aufenthaltserlaubnis
Proof of Concept – How To Ruin Everything
The mix will be available on Postbocks, Mixcloud, Official FM and Percussion Lab. Links will appear here on the 9th

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