KAL keeps it reel (2reel)

KAL tape KOBRA AUDIO LABS will release their “two blue towers” handmade cassette and CD pack in December.

64bar spoke to the Scottish production unit to find out what your money will buy, why spend that money, and why they have gone back to their roots and released a c50 cassette.

What is it?

A handmade C50 cassette, including bonus CD-R and KAL-picked mix CD.

What’s on it?

2 x 25minute tracks, one on each side of the cassette. bonus CD-R has extra music, including a 10 minute ‘remix mix’ by Bobby Corridor.

SIDE A – “Two Blue Towers” 25 minutes of heavy beats, electronic drones and the occasional scottish rap.

SIDE B – “Wishae Psychadelic” A 25 minute psychedelic journey through the mind of one old man with a mind full of music, or the occult history of a small scottish town, both born in the shadow of the Two Blue Towers?

How did it all come together?

I’m always looking to convey the 2 sides of KOBRA AUDIO LABS – the heavy beats and machine noise alongside the more trippy, psyche-soundtrack side. I also wanted something that I could make from scratch, that I could put a lot of myself into.

This led me naturally to vinyl or cassette, and having enjoyed some recent tape releases (Buddy Peace, Frenchbloke & Son) and cassette having the required degree of DIY aesthetic, my mind was made up… cassette it would be.

Why was it done?

To create something that exists as an artform, from the desire to make something beautiful which is more than just another thing to download. If you want to listen to it, you have to participate, you have to give up the time to explore & absorb it. You have to make the effort.

What do you hope will happen?

I hope someone listens to the music I put on this album while looking at the tapebox, sleevenotes and artwork… and smiles.

link to buy the album:


Find out more…

Kobra Audio Labs


One thought on “KAL keeps it reel (2reel)

  1. Really cool idea. I dig the comment about the throwaway downloads. So true! And sometimes too easy to throw something together and upload which makes for more noise and less signal. More difficult to get to the good stuff.

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