Howdo, 15 dead minutes peoples

64 bar music

The 15 dead minutes produced a naughty acid electro breaks monster for the 6th 64 bar challenge mix. It’s a tough slice of 303 bleeps bended with phased drums and glitchy orchestration.

You can hear it now right? In your mind..?

But, just who are these people? 64 bar interviewd them to find out.

“For the best part of a decade T15DM have been cultivating a post-electro, nu-tech-industrial sound aesthetic, that, until now has only been heard by the lucky attendees of their live excursions, ” said Dr Skunkenstein, a member of the crew.

“Taking place in some of the more hedonistic sound dungeons that can be found in the sordid parts of our cities – the experience has been described as “dangerous, violent, chaotic and the epitome of anarchy”.

The 15 Dead Minutes, a trio of Dr Skunkenstein, Heuristic Audio and Delinquent Dialect claim their sound has a more profound meaning to its attitude and that its not anarchy for anarchy’s sake, though the three are choosing not to divulge more on their artistic explorations and instead allowing their work to speak, or should we say scream for itself.

The 15 Dead minutes are due to release their debut EP on Templedog records, which is a fitting release for this label too long in hibernation. Venomous with intent. FUDOG 007. You can here more from T15DM at : 15 Minutes by The 15 Dead Minutes

So, what drew him to 64 bar in the first place? He explained: “When I first saw the idea I wasn`t too sure what to make of it to be honest! But when I took a listen I was really surprised by the quality of the tracks people have produced and also the varying styles.

“It’s good fun listening to the mixes without knowing who did what and then looking back at the playlist to see who is behind the tracks, its always surprising to see who did what, I take my hat off to a lot of the producers on the forum, there`s some great talent on there.”

And which is his favourite mix and why?

“When I was originally asked which is my favourite 64bar I simply answered `Vol 4 or Vol 5`.
This was not good enough for Mr Kovas, being the strict and rather stern man that he is.
`Vol 4 or Vol 5? Is that it? You had best come up with a better answer than that or the F**kin puppies get it, understand?`

“So yeah, I had to choose, and for me, its Vol 5. It has everything I like, and I like many things, hip hop beats, pads, twee electronica, electro, its even got singing. Artists from all over the globe, 84 odd minutes, loads and loads of tracks of all styles, it twists and turns with every tune and really keeps you on your toes as to what may come next.

Dr Skunkenstein has been involved in a few musical projects that have come about on the Ninjatune forum, but this isbthe first time T15DM had got involved in a forum inspired project.

“I was involved in the first 7 minute mix thing years ago and thought it was about time I had a go at the 64bar.

“The beauty of the 64bar is it is thrown out there, here is the BPM, do what you gotta do! You never know what is going to happen, electronica, techno, funk, acoustic and straight up whacked out stuff all sat together in one mix, great fun. Anyway, with this one it just so happened that I was going to be making one of my regular trips for a jamming session with my two band mates. I told them about 64bar and I put it to them that we should enter a tune and they were up for it. So on a Sunday morning we fired up the gear and jammed away! The tempo is a lot slower to what we normally work at but on a Sunday morning it was a welcome break from the heads down stuff that we do.”

Want to hear his tune? If so, hit mixes at the top of this page and head down to number 6, the track is about 15 minutes in… See if you can find it from the description ;)


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