Hints of the remix chain

For a few months now previous contributors to the 64 bar challenge mixes and some other Ninja forum members have been collaborating together on a new project known at the moment as The Ninja Remix Chain. 64 Bar Music caught up with organiser Kelp to find out more..

“It can be a difficult idea to explain” said Kelp “as it’s not a usual project where people take a track and remix it, instead all the remixes are ‘children’ of the last one. There is a starting track, which I contributed, to kick off the chain. I passed my track and its stems to Algo who was after me in the chain of artists. He has remixed the track and passed his remix and its stems onto the next person. And so on. The end result should be an evolution of the original track until, at the end of the chain, it ends back up with me and I carry out the final remix”.

As for how the idea came to be, Kelp reveals it began as a follow-on from previous Ninja Forum project ‘Cut & Run’, “When we got to the end of RedHavoc’s project people seemed to be on a roll and wanting something new to get involved with, there was still the buzz of collaboration hanging around so I suggested this idea as it had been at the back of my mind for years. I’d actually been involved in one about 12 years ago on an oldskool US IDM label called Kracfive and it had a good reaction. The time seemed right to do it again”

“The project is around the halfway mark and will probably see a release around the end of February, “with so many great artists involved this is taking a while but, having heard the remixes so far, it is gonna be very very worth it” said Kelp.

As for who exactly is involved, there are previous 64 bar challenge contributors such as Day of Vengeance, Techniken Defunkus, Proof of Concept & Kovas to new contributors to 64 bar music such as Bassling, The Manacles of Acid and Algo with a lot more along the way. For sure this is gonna be a massive release of quality tunes to watch out for in the next couple of months.

As a sneak preview, Kelp has finally released the full original track for your ears as a teaser before the full release, you can hear it here:


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