New EP from New York’s Techdef

64 bar stalwart Techniken Defunkus has released a ‘name your own price’ EP via Bandcamp.

He said: ” The Woodcut Collage EP is actually a re-issue of sorts. I decided to put it on Bandcamp as it’s sort of a time capsule of a time before I started going to Reason software seminars, before I got involved in the 64 bar mixes, before I was editing audio again, as opposed to just sequencing samples and synths.

About three years ago I tried to get a little more serious about the music I was making. One of the things that grew out of that was an untitled cd that used and old collage of= mine for the cover (

“I tried to make it a sampling that represented what I was proud of, but short enough not to bore the pants off folks… There were only a few dozen passed out at music conferences and seminars I attended. I sent out a bunch by mail as well, including one to Mocean Worker who just released a remix of mine this year.

“The music itself is very mixed, style-wise, but I think there’s a common thread that ties it together. I tend to make rules to follow, almost just to turn it all into a bit of a game, but the ‘rules’ evolve of course. “What? Ohno” is sort of a dance in schoolyard, everyone trying to show off what they can do. How many layers can weave in and out and still be ‘coherent’. I still can’t believe I put in all those handclaps! I usually fucking hate handclaps!”


Techdef featured on many of the 64barchallenge mixes, his blend of broken jazz always resulting in interesting concoctions. Check them out by hitting the 64 bar challenge tab at the top of the page.


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