Bristol vs Vienna Represents mix in the works

There’s talk of a Bristol vs Vienna Represents mix.

All those who are interested, comment below and we’ll be in touch, or email and vote for a tempo here

Deadline for signing up will be end of May 2012 – so get stuck in quick


Check this from Loose Shark Tooth

Before the eponymous L S T album drops from Loose Shark Tooth this Summer, an EP of 4 disposable songs has been released through Bandcamp for free download

Loose Shark Tooth is the new guise of artist and 64 bar veteran Remi Rough, and is as minimal, textured and colourful as his paintings.

The L S T project has been over a year in the making and an EP of remixes from A La Fu, Mike Ladd, Kelp, SasqWax and 4X4 Tracktor is also en route…

The forthcoming album; L S T, also features songstress Bella Wilde, Singer songwriter Elia and Mike Ladd.

Look out for it. When it is released, we’ll be sure to flag it up on this blog.

New EP from New York’s Techdef

64 bar stalwart Techniken Defunkus has released a ‘name your own price’ EP via Bandcamp.

He said: ” The Woodcut Collage EP is actually a re-issue of sorts. I decided to put it on Bandcamp as it’s sort of a time capsule of a time before I started going to Reason software seminars, before I got involved in the 64 bar mixes, before I was editing audio again, as opposed to just sequencing samples and synths.

About three years ago I tried to get a little more serious about the music I was making. One of the things that grew out of that was an untitled cd that used and old collage of= mine for the cover (

“I tried to make it a sampling that represented what I was proud of, but short enough not to bore the pants off folks… There were only a few dozen passed out at music conferences and seminars I attended. I sent out a bunch by mail as well, including one to Mocean Worker who just released a remix of mine this year.

“The music itself is very mixed, style-wise, but I think there’s a common thread that ties it together. I tend to make rules to follow, almost just to turn it all into a bit of a game, but the ‘rules’ evolve of course. “What? Ohno” is sort of a dance in schoolyard, everyone trying to show off what they can do. How many layers can weave in and out and still be ‘coherent’. I still can’t believe I put in all those handclaps! I usually fucking hate handclaps!”


Techdef featured on many of the 64barchallenge mixes, his blend of broken jazz always resulting in interesting concoctions. Check them out by hitting the 64 bar challenge tab at the top of the page.

Represents Vol 1 – Cardiff vs Melbourne out now

Click this to listen on Mixcloud here
Click this to listen on Mixcloud

The latest offering from 64 bar music is a mix of tracks produced from artists based in Cardiff and Melbourne and is the first in the Represents series

The first part of the mix comes from the people of Cardiff, with all tracks at the elected tempo of 114. The second half of the mix is 128bpm, the producers from Melbourne choosing the classic techno tempo for their work.

“The Represents concept was born at a Soundcloud meetup last year”, said Kovas from 64 bar music.

“It’s an extension of the 64barchallenge mixes originally completed by the members of the NinjaTune forum. The only differnence is the locations of the producers. “

Rebecca Coates aka Becy10 co-ordinated the project in Australia. The 10 tracks from Melbourne can loosely be described as progressive, dark techno.

The Cardiff mix is also largely electronic, and features tracks from seven different beatmakers.

An EP of selected tracks will be available from on May 1.

Thanks to Bobby Corridor and Melbourne’s unknown DJ for mixing this.

Cleared for landing

A new EP is on the horizon for 64 Bar Music and due to be released this week. It’s a collection of beats, bass and delicate tones that is sure to engage the ears of any fans of the previous 64 bar challenges.

The release has been organised by Kelp and is linked with a previous 64 bar mix. We talked to Kelp to find out more

“The whole thing started off because I really wanted to go back to my track Clear Off that was on the 64 Bar Challenge 5 mix and improve on its sound, work on it some more. Some friends from Soundcloud took a listen to it and asked if they could remix it so I sent some stems out. This then led to me deciding to collect a bunch of remixes to put out there as an official release. I asked some of the previous contributors to 64 bar challenge if they’d like to be involved as well and got positive responses.” said Kelp

The result is an EP containing the original Clear Off track and seven other remixes from some very talented artists. “The range of styles on offer is brilliant, I was surprised by every remix, the way the simple sounds of my original track had been transformed with each remix was amazing. We’ve got a shimmering, very delicate & fragile sounding take from Techniken Defunkus, a grinding noisy grungey remix from Loose Shark Tooth which is a project by Remi/Rough, right through to very heavy beats from Day of Vengeance and KAL”.

The release will be out on Thursday this week via the 64 Bar bandcamp, mastering has been carried out by Christopher Leary at
Melograf Mastering and should hit the right notes for anyone who loves heavy bass and beats.

“Also coming soon is the Ninja Remix Chain project, look out for it in the next month or two,” Kelp said.

Keep Up! AV set

In Sound & Vision, an Audio-Visual Mix from Keep Up! Records on Vimeo.