Cut and Run, four bars of flow

A while back, the Cut and Run project was devised by 64bar’s Techdef and Red Havoc, and on the day the video hits you tube, we thought it would be a cool idea to hightlight what is a very creative concept, done well.

Cut And Run is a musical version game of consequences ( ).
The game was played between March and August 2011 by members of the Ninja Tune Records online community forum (​ ).

The idea behind the game was that the first participant would produce four bars of original music, send the finished four bars to a nominated member who would assemble the finished pierce, and then send just their fourth bar to the next player who would then develop their own four bars from that point and repeat the process.

Certain rules were put in places to aid the process as outlined in this image:​photos/​redhavoc/​6043588948

Original forum thread here:​forum/​messages.php?id=7066917&264


Bobby Corridor drops lyrics

Bobby CorridorWith the 64bar challenge Vol 6 just around the corner. We spoke to the big cheese, Bobby Corridor. This is the man who has more 64bar beats in the catalogue than any one else.
He’s been there since day one, and virtually owned the second mix with four tracks making the final album. Read more after the jump>>
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64:6 promo tracks revealed

64 bar music

64 bar music have released their obligatory promo track selection, by way of building buzz for the latest 64 bar challenge mix.

The sixth mix in the series comes out in September, with legendary Ninja Tuner DJ Food at the helm. He described the 30+ tracks that will appear in the mix as “the strongest set yet”. Continue reading

DJ Food to mix up 64 bar challenge vol 6

Solid Steel mainstay and Ninja-Tune icon, DJ Food, will add his creative weight to the 64bar challenge as the DJ of the sixth mix in the series.

Food, aka Strictly Kev, will become the fourth DJ to get involved and wil deliver the mix with Kovas in July.

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98 bpm chosen

That’s right you have spoken.  And you have called for 98 bpm to be the tempo of choice for the next 64 bar mix

Cool beans. Deadline is Jan 31 2010. Get writing.

For those who havent done it before

Heres what to do.

Write a track 64 bars in length @ 98 bpm.. then tag on an 8 bar intro, and 8 bar outro for mixing purposes/

Bear in mind, the DJ we have for this is into his beat juggling.. so a percussive intro with tiny vocals that would lend itself to juggles would be good. But not mandatory, so if you wan’t to use alpine cowbells or space noises from Uranus. That’s fine.

Submit a .wav or aiff file to

thats a soundcloud dropbox.