Dave Graham gives us a peek

Here and Now – excerpt from New Album by DaveGraham

The Talented Dave Graham has dropped a little sample of his latest work. Let’s allow him to tell the story: “This is an excerpt from a new track – a very long track!,” he said. “I’ve put up seven or so minutes here, but the whole song is waaaay longer. This part is neither the beginning nor the end!

“The album it is from is dealing with a persons place in history. We are all descended from chains of living creatures stretching back millions of years. What does it mean to be part of that chain? Does it make us a vital link or a spare part? Who were the people and animals in our chain? What lurks in our deep memory? What did our ancient predecessors make of life? How did our chain survive? How come we are so closely linked yet feel so disconnected?
In some strange way we must, deep down, know where we can from…and what we are.

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