Why user testing is key

The Ninja Tune Forum is without doubt important to alot of people. They are the 100 or so people that use it every day.

And it seems like none of those people were given the chance to test out Ninja’s “upgraded” Forum, judging by some of the comments posted in the first hour.

Universally slated, the new board looks very web 3.0, but feels very web -1. Fail.

Lets go through a checklist.

X-brower testing. No. I’ve tried chrome, FF, IE8, Opera. And NO post button. Oopsy Ninjatune :(

Users identified numerous problems in the first few minutes. Not a good move Ninja. I expect that the good will the NTF has built over the past ten or so years will mean people stick at it, while the bugs are ironed out.

But it’s the classic web blunder.. fixing something that aint broke, and breaking it in the first place.

Click here to try it yourself