Who’s who on 64:5

So the final cast list is settled and with more interest from randoms in this project, here’s a the list is who on this fifth mix. Take time to Google them while your blogging author recovers from the hangover he has and puts links in

Contributors are (in no particular order)

Tom Central Kovas Remi Proof of Concept Meezoid Melonhands The Mexican Bob Techdef Spartacus DJ Reck Jose B Dave Graham. James++ Rave Van Donk Pimpernel Jones DJ Moneyshot Becy10 Rubbfunk&Hint Like Madd Day of Vengeance Andy Digitional Kelp Dr Skunkenstein Soleboy Erg Korba Audio Labs Bobby Corridor Sir Ape AGT Rave Cru The 13th Tribe Monkizzle, and Mumbo Jumbo.

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Rubberfunk gets freaky

Click this Halloween goodness:

Fonck EP at Juno Records

Fonck EP at Juno Records.

That’s right 64bar contributor Tom M has new music available for purchase.

And here’s the reveal from their website, “Keep Up! Records unveils brand new signing Bestboygrip complete with his debut EP Fonck. Those with their ears to the ground will be aware that the Germany-based Bestboy is well-known within the drum n bass world under a different moniker. But this is the Bestboy cutting loose for a minute and kicking out some modern disco jams with one foot in the past and the other in the future. This is the sound of an 80s Boogie, Synthesizer, Library Music and B-Movie obsessive.”

“Fonck is the slow-paced opener with heavy-hitting synth drums but reflective keyboard narrative. One of Keep Up! Records’ favourite producers Architeq provides a dubby, spacey remix sounding like something Luke Vibert might have included on his Nuggets Library compilations. On the flipside the pace quickens with the flexible bassline but tight groove of Copyright. The EP closes with the house-tinged Cross My Mind, which builds on the strong melody-lead theme of the other tracks even further with the aid of catchy synth lead and vocal hooks. The Fonck EP sits comfortably next to artists such as Faze Action, LCD Soundsystem and Ilija Rudman. Just the way Keep Up! likes its modern disco.”


Noodle box part 2

Noodle Box Vol 2 by DJ Killer Tomato

That’s right, more noodlings from Killer Tomato

watch digitonal doing it


Our newest recruit, Andy Digitonal is doing his thing in Camden.

Here’s the spec: Thursday 4th November: InSpiral Lounge: Camden, London: 8pm. Free entry.

With support from Marconi Union DJs and Keyboard Choir DJs, plus cellist Jo Quail.

“It’s like Enya, with balls” – said Miggins, of AGT Rave Cru fame

Percussion Lab – Dave Graham – Selected Orchestral Works

Percussion Lab – Dave Graham – Selected Orchestral Works.


The Talented Dave Graham shares some orchestral pieces in this mix. Get your headphones on and turn up to 6. Any louder is unnecessary

more idms

Here is another piece from Miggins, the man responsible for Oi Mate. He describes this as: “techno IDMz innit”

Posthuman – The Grey by Posthuman

Miggins, the busiest man in showbiz  is also known as AGT Rave Cru, look him up yo.

And here’s a treat from Remdog. It’s a remix of Herma Puma from earlier in the year, but he’s just retweeted so let’s give him some more exposure.. It’s not my job to critique this tune.. having said that.. remi.. the vocals are super clean against such a grizzly backdrop.. get some fx on there matey.
Herma Puma / Beneath the sea (Remdog remix) by remdog

its like a party in my mouth

So, I’m following the haps of Killer Tomato, and on his blog there is a link to a all aged ranged disco-aloo session. If you’re chowing down at a Noodle Box restaurant some time soon, you might hear it.

It’s kinda like 60 minutes of super high energy hooks  you’ll have heard many times before but in a slightly different shaped box. Much like dem noodle boxes styled to look rather good actually… on second look.

Killer  said:  ” I was recently approached by a nationwide Noodle bar chain ‘Noodle Box’ and asked to create a series of limited edition promotional mixes to aid their recent marketing campaign. Each month an exclusive mix cd will be available online and from participating restaurants.”

Noodle box mix by DJ Killer Tomato

He says this is just one of a series.. who knows what direction he’ll take it next time.