Oceandrift – out now

The latest offering from the 64 bar collective is now on Bandcamp, available as a name your own price download.

Oceandrift is a remix chain. What the hell is a remix chain?

Kelp explained: “A remix chain is the process of a second artist remixing a track delivered to them by the first artist, and then passing the stems of the remixed track onto a third artist, and so on. Eventually, the penultimate person passes their remixed stems back around to the original artist, who remixes all the remixes in one track to complete the chain”


“The results are astounding, considering each part of the chain only hears the previous track,” said Kovas, from 64 bar music.

“This is a bit of a break from the norm for 64bar, as the tracks aren’t constrained by the normal parameters of tempo or length.

Oceandrift is a marvelous journey from the opening track, which floats underwater, through hard-edged electronic noise and leading-edge progressive sounds. You can get it right now, here 


New synth goodness from Lopez

Hint – Crash and burn

Hint’s new vinyl only release on Tru Throughs is getting alot of love from some famous names, so here’s the video to enjoy

Like it? Buy it here

New episode of 64 Bar Orchestra, now on Seeks Music

Click the image to listenThe 64 Bar Orchestra is a collection of beats by the producers from the 64 bar project. This show features exclusives soon released on Disfigured Dubz from Echo Park, Brand New Music from DJ Food, and a 20 minute excerpt taken from the fifth 64 bar challenge mix.
There’s an interview with beat maker Pete Sasqwax and a taster of the 64 bar music album Boundaries, released in January on Ninjatune.
Click the image to listen

Get on this groove from Echo Park

Friends of 64 bar will recognise the name Echo Park from his appearance on the sixth 64 bar challenge mix.

His track, All Told, is a bouncy upbeat little number that represents his LA sunshine sound roots, with a twist of his South American domicile.

Back to the matter of this blog post, and the track above is out on Disfigured Dubs. Its about  as 80s as you can get, but in an impeccably cool way. He sang, played the keys and built the beats on the track. 64 bar have am exclusive interview with him this week, lookout for this

Echo Park meets 64 bar music

Echo Park is the brain child of Brian Gibbs. Los Angeles born and now living in Santiago, Chile, Brian is a true adventurer – musically and in life.

He cut his musical teeth in LA alongside the kind of artists who would later form the Brainfeeder / Low End Theory axis – but in 1999 got itchy feet and left for Tokyo, where he founded the notorious techno labels Deafmosaic and Gunjack Series.

Another relocation to Madrid, Spain saw him reconnecting with hip hop and funk roots but also, via Jaxx Records, experimenting the sort of dark sub-bass mutations that inadvertently prefigured dubstep. Moving again to Mexico City, he met his wife, a Chilean national from Santiago, and returned home with her – only to discover a fascinating and intricate experimental hip hop scene thriving underground despite much adversity in the Chilean capital.

64barchallenge Vol 6

Let us create more musical sounds by way of a sixth 64barchallenge mix, hereafter referred to as 64:6

Let us vote on a tempo using the form below.

Voting closes on March 22, and deadline for submissions is June 1.. giving you ten weeks to create the badness.

You can make my life easy my signing up using the form below as well.

Shhhh.. but there is a very dapper DJ signed up to do the next mix. All will be revealed soon

Let us sign up by adding to the thread on the world famous ninjatune forum

Killer Tomato: On the guest list

Killer Tomato 64:5 DJ, Mr Killer Tomato speaks to 64barmusic, 0n the day he heard the tracks for the forthcoming mix.

Killer Tomato has been charged with splicing the 30 something tracks submitted for the fifth 64barchallenge mix, and if his vigorous head nodding is anything to go by, it’s something he’s going to enjoy.

“There’s a broad range of producers on there,” he observed. And he’s right. Not only broad in terms of age and profile, but broad in terms of geography.

Lets see, in this mix there are contributors based as far a field as China and Canada, Australia and France and that makes for a canvas of colours perfect for a painter of sounds.

To extend this slightly dodgy metaphor, Killer Tomato now is the man with the brushes and easel… painters use easels right?

Anyhow, making this mix is right up KT’s street. He said: “I first heard about 64barmusic through the blog site, there was quite a lot of buzz. And then Kovas actually called me up and asked if I wanted to get involved.

“There’s some really tight production on there. You’ve got the likes of Moneyshot, Rubberfunk and more it’s a privilege to be working with these people.

“I’ll be using Abelton Live to make the mix. I won’t be time stretching and warping, but just using it to sequence the sections I’ll mix on the turntables. Then I’ll add some cuts and master it.”

Killer Tom is super modest, so let your blog author makes some noise on his behalf. This man’s mixes are smart, highly crafted and clever. You can check them here

Find out more at his homepage

more nonsense from twit

DJ Twit Vapodub Mix by djtwit

“Twit made my hair grow back”
Gail Porter

“This mix got me freed from prison”
Nelson Mandela

“this stuff is really fresh”
Bobby Corridor

Lost Idol – lightwerk
Soulwax – krack
Gwen Stafani – hollaback girl
Modeselektor – suckerpin
Yppah – gumball machine weekend
DJ Shadow – right thing/gdmfsob
Ultramagnetic MCs – travellin’ at the speed of thought
Altern8 – activ8
AFX – pwsteal.ldpinch.
Dizzee Rascal – stand up tall
Awesome 3 – don’t go (kicks like a mule mix)
Incredible Bongo Band – bongo rock
SL2 – djs take control
Mains Ignition – numbskull
Lee Dorsey – working in a coalmine
Natural Self – raise the game
Boxcutter – sunshine vip
Caribou – melody day
Joe – claptrap
Missy Elliot – lose control
AGT Rave Cru – needles
Toddla T – rice and peas