Agents of Change at work


Kofie from Los Angeles, whilst on a visit to the UK, hooked up with Remi Rough to paint this amazing mural in South East London.

They shot a time lapse of the process and Timid very kindly stitched it all magically together.

Both Augustine and Remi are painting in the ‘In Situ‘ exhibition in Miami next week.

Check this video for a slice of what they are about.


Imogen heap remixed by Proof of Concept

James Foster aka Proof of Concept has put his stamp on  Imogen Heap piece ‘Frou FrouBreathe in

It’s from eight years ago, he’s only just got around to posting it up.. but hell… it still sounds fresh:

He gives us the background: “Back in around 2002 Imogen heap was working with the awesome Guy Sigsworth on a project titled Frou Frou, I have always enjoyed Imogen’s voice since I first heard her on my blanket by Urban Species.

“When I saw that the stems had been put up by Sony for remix I just had to take a crack at it, and I did. My setup was very simple back then and I wrote this track completely in Reason v1 other than the drums which I just cut up a few breaks and sequenced up by hand (no midi back then in the editor I was using) in magix music maker version 2.0, which I used to like as it was 4 mono tracks and I could just cut up a break and sequence it visually.

“It is funny thinking about my production technique back then as times have changed so much in both hard and software, I did not use any of the stock soundbanks in reason, or any commercially available soundbanks, I preferred to spend my time tracking down obsolete soundbanks or akai sample disks and then spent hours converting them into reason refill soundbanks in the hope of creating a more original sound with reason.

“Though my setup is completely different now and I only use a few of my old akais, what I like about this track is how simple it is but you can see the roots of what later became my sound.”

Proof of Concept is a mainstay of the 64barchallenge mixes, appearing on every one of the first  five, with standout tracks on the first and fourth mix series. You can check them on our Soundcloud page