video for: Proof of Concept – This is my Heart

Here is the visual partner of Proof of Concept’s 64:5 track this is my heart.


Fastest growth, but does bigger mean better?

The fifth 64barchallenge mix reached 500 plays through it’s various internet locations in around 100 hours since being poised. That’s a record for us. I know it doesn’t compare to Rhianna, or many other big time, or even small time charlies.. but what it does tell me is that when everyone gets on board to help promote our collective efforts, we get rewarded.

Many people have said many nice things about this mix, but…. is it the best one so far?


64:5 tracklist finalised

The order of the beats making up the fifth 64barchallenge mix has now been finalised. It is a journey by two DJ’s – Killer Tomato and Kovas, and is 84 minutes of crazy.

Kovas said: “The sequencing of any mix is a tricky thing, and it was no surprise that trying to mould 31 tracks into one took  a few attempts before we were happy with it.

“Killer Tom did a lot of the hard work in sequening the tracks, and I complimented his efforts with some sections I thought worked well together. ”

“It was really helpful playing out in Bristol last week as it gave me a sense of what tracks work well in what order.”

64barchallenge vol 5: 98 bpm tracklist

1. DJ Reck – Stabbed in the dark
2. Bobby Corridor – What
3. Dr Skunkenstein – The Cypher
4. Jose B – Non Stop Music
5. Andy Digitonal – Eighteen
6. Kovas – Blue light
7. Tom central- Left Behind
8. Olympic Cyclone Band – Iwo Jima Fever
9. Mumbo Jumbo – G Fiddy
10. Kovas Firewalker
11. DJ Moneyshot- It Aint Right
12. Cosmo Lopez  – Magenta –
13. Mike Ladd – Buzz Buzz
14. Becy – Wolves in my head
15. Dave Graham – Pass over and out
16. Remi – Dragon
17. Bobby Corridor – Jail Bass
18. Proof of Concept – This is my heart
19. Day of Vengeance – Winter tears
20 Cosmo Lopez – Yellow
21. Cosmp Lopez – Cyan
22. Techniken Defunkus – Keep Our Streets Cyclotron
23. Kulturshock – Chun Jei
24. Melonhands – Sex in fairly predictable places
25. Monk A – Ghosts of trip hop past
26. Bobby Corridor – Blue
27. Sir Ape – revision 200
28. The 13th Tribe – So What (feat Khain 74 and Patos Dus)
29. Kelp – Clear off
30. James ++ – Emergency Sky Border Cross
31. K.A.L – Nightmare alley

The mix will be available to download from March 4, from  and as a stream from http://www.mixcloud/sixtyfourbarmusic and also from

Bristol headz get super sneaky 64:5 peek

The famed Pipe and Slippers bar in Bristol was the setting for an exclusive reveal of the latest beats from 64barmusic, on February 24.

DJ Moneyshot and Roy Strong host a night each and every Thursday by the name of Flipzilla. It’s an opportunity to showcase their eclectic tastes to a crowd that are open to persuasion.

If you’re not familiar with this location, think of a compact bar with vintage stylings. There’s a mish-mash of clientele, ranging from socially functioning crackheads to asymmetrically hair-cutted hipsters.

Its also a hub for headz who like nothing more than a progressive bassline and a crackling beat.

In fact, the first person to arrive on the scene is Purple Radio‘s Sherlock Ohms, a character whose nu-funk record bag has seen plenty of action in the recent weeks.

He openly describes himself as an “obsessive music nerd since his formative years” on his Soundcloud page.

“Hot.” was his simple assessment of the beats of Cosmo Lopez, just one of the artists showcased during the hour long set.  And Sherlock couldn’t resist a sneaky peep at Kovas’ laptop every time a new beat dropped. He added:  “Sonic lushness from the 64 bar music boys and girls – I’d love to get my hands on a few of these tunes …”

He wont have to wait much longer as the 64:5 mix is now due in March.

“It was good to get a feel of which tunes actually work in a live setting,” said Kovas. “It’s one thing mixing them in the house, but you never really know how the mood will be in a place at a particular time.”

“I was especially pleased with the response to ‘Yellow’, by Cosmo Lopez. Pleased but not surprised. His beats are bang current and expertly crafted.”

The 64barchallenge mix is of course a free download, and will be available on Postbocks and Mixcloud from the first week in March.

There will also  be a high value-lo cost EP available from Bandcamp from March  with six selected slices from the mix.

64:5 taking shape

Kovas promo for 64 bar 5 by 64barmusic

With the fifth installment of the 64barchallenge mix series landing in just a couple of weeks, Kovas stepped away from the turntables, and spoke about some of the music, and where to get hold of it.

“I have to say, this one will be astounding,” he said.

“Its been a six month project putting this together. The last 64 bar challenge mix came in September on 2010 and so as I thought it was unlikely that people would drop tunes over Christmas, we made a deadline of Jan 31 to send tracks in.

“We signed up around 20-25 people, it gets a bit hard to manage but ultimately I’ve been left with approximately 30 tunes, the standard of which is really very high.”

There are a number of new faces for this mix, including Keep Up! records’ electro don Cosmo Lopez, long time big-shot Mike Ladd and the more than musical Andy Digitonal.

“Andy’s track (Eighteen) is off the hook,” said Kovas. “He’s done it in a 5/4 time signature, its got great rhythmic flow and its totally fresh for 64 bar. It’s nice to get a musician of his calibre on this project.”

There are artists from all over the planet on this mix, there’s Canada’s Day of Vengeance, China based Kultershock, Paris based duo of Mike Ladd and Monk A, and you gotta flip the globe to find Becy, who represents Australia.

“Becy has made this haunting love song which is very different to her other tracks and features her on vocals.”

Kovas added: “I have to say I’m a little bit gutted I’ve handed over the main responsibility for the mixing of this set of tracks to Killer Tomato as there is such an amazing range of tracks in there.”

The mix will be available from March from as a free download. It’s available as a stream on and on

As well as the mix for download, there will be a name your own price EP coming out on Bandcamp, so head to
For more information, check

Killer Tomato: On the guest list

Killer Tomato 64:5 DJ, Mr Killer Tomato speaks to 64barmusic, 0n the day he heard the tracks for the forthcoming mix.

Killer Tomato has been charged with splicing the 30 something tracks submitted for the fifth 64barchallenge mix, and if his vigorous head nodding is anything to go by, it’s something he’s going to enjoy.

“There’s a broad range of producers on there,” he observed. And he’s right. Not only broad in terms of age and profile, but broad in terms of geography.

Lets see, in this mix there are contributors based as far a field as China and Canada, Australia and France and that makes for a canvas of colours perfect for a painter of sounds.

To extend this slightly dodgy metaphor, Killer Tomato now is the man with the brushes and easel… painters use easels right?

Anyhow, making this mix is right up KT’s street. He said: “I first heard about 64barmusic through the blog site, there was quite a lot of buzz. And then Kovas actually called me up and asked if I wanted to get involved.

“There’s some really tight production on there. You’ve got the likes of Moneyshot, Rubberfunk and more it’s a privilege to be working with these people.

“I’ll be using Abelton Live to make the mix. I won’t be time stretching and warping, but just using it to sequence the sections I’ll mix on the turntables. Then I’ll add some cuts and master it.”

Killer Tom is super modest, so let your blog author makes some noise on his behalf. This man’s mixes are smart, highly crafted and clever. You can check them here

Find out more at his homepage