98 bpm chosen

That’s right you have spoken.  And you have called for 98 bpm to be the tempo of choice for the next 64 bar mix

Cool beans. Deadline is Jan 31 2010. Get writing.

For those who havent done it before

Heres what to do.

Write a track 64 bars in length @ 98 bpm.. then tag on an 8 bar intro, and 8 bar outro for mixing purposes/

Bear in mind, the DJ we have for this is into his beat juggling.. so a percussive intro with tiny vocals that would lend itself to juggles would be good. But not mandatory, so if you wan’t to use alpine cowbells or space noises from Uranus. That’s fine.

Submit a .wav or aiff file to facebook.com/pages/64-bar-music/111105528932231?v=app_21600252317

thats a soundcloud dropbox.


lordy a fancy dj will be mixing 64:5

Hold up, Killer Tomato is the man who’ll be responsible for blending the fifth 64 bar challenge mix.

We’re all chuffed with this. Because he is the bomb. He’s also brave as the tempo of the mix hasn’t been decided.

Take a look at his Soundcloud page

Here’s some info about him: >>his blog<>here<< for his myspace