The 64barmusic story

64 bar music history
64barmusic started in 2009 when the friends on got together to create homemade mixes of their own music.

Contributors were only given two rules. Make the song 64 bars long, and at an agreed tempo. After that, they were told to get creative. Anything goes. The idea is to see just how many grooves / angles / styles can be found at a set tempo. And it seems there are lots.

Fast forward to 2011 and there were six 64barchallenge mixes spawned directly from the Ninjatune forum, and a new initiave, the Representz series.

Here’s a little feature that appeared on BBC Wales,

And here is one that appeared on in March 2011 after the fifth album.

Seeks music history of 64 bar music by 64barmusic

And here is an interview between Kovas and Andy Digitonal, to mark the launch of the 64 bar challenge volume 5, 98 beats per mintue


August 2009: 64 bar challenge vol1 108 bpm
December 2009: 64 bar challenge vol2 140 bpm
April 2010:64 bar challenge vol3 88 bpm
September 2010: 64 bar challenge vol4: 128 bpm
March 2011: 64 bar challenge vol5: 98 bpm
September 2011: 64 bar challenge vol 6: 110 bpm 

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