Henry: Your starter for ten

Henry Leo checks us out
Thanks to the web, we’re now in contact with a Mr Henry Leo  Duclos of Lemon Grove, California.

His beat below is a breath of fresh air and he’s on board to make his first beat for 64barmusic in the summer.

[audio  http://www.scissornest.com/audio/henry%20leo%20duclos%20-%20wrought.mp3%5D Continue reading


its like a party in my mouth

So, I’m following the haps of Killer Tomato, and on his blog there is a link to a all aged ranged disco-aloo session. If you’re chowing down at a Noodle Box restaurant some time soon, you might hear it.

It’s kinda like 60 minutes of super high energy hooks  you’ll have heard many times before but in a slightly different shaped box. Much like dem noodle boxes styled to look rather good actually… on second look.

Killer  said:  ” I was recently approached by a nationwide Noodle bar chain ‘Noodle Box’ and asked to create a series of limited edition promotional mixes to aid their recent marketing campaign. Each month an exclusive mix cd will be available online and from participating restaurants.”

Noodle box mix by DJ Killer Tomato

He says this is just one of a series.. who knows what direction he’ll take it next time.