leaked beats from 13t

So, 13t has made this little number for the forthcoming mix, he’s a bit naughty as the tunes are best kept hidden until we drop the mix.. but never mind.. its out it the wild now, so lets shout about it

Enjoy..we did


moneyshot on wax – the stunt cock EP

Long time friend of the fam DJ Money$hot has put out an EP he describes as a “DJ friendly mash up for dancefloor burning,” and its receiving mad love. Check this five star review on Monkeyboxing

If clicking links isn’t your thing, then don’t worry because I’m about to select the choice quotes.. ok..

1. All that shenanigans aside, what Moneyshot delivers here is a three track gem showcasing his canny knack for marrying a killer hook and up-to-date funky breakbeat production.

2. The monkey’s vote rests with the soul-sampling Holla 4 Help

3. The hammond plus heavy breaks plus chopped up rap samples action in Country Chops runs it a close second as does his Earth Mover which cheekily toys (no pun intended) with Carole King’s I Feel The Earth Move

It’s a three tracker, and you can buy it here

the ultimate mix?

So, who knows Ninjamixdump? If you don’t, it a free service where you can .. guess what… dump mixes.

Well, it’s earned quite a following over it’s two year existence and to celebrate it’s second birthday it was decreed a monster mix was to be created from the 4,500+ strong archive of tasty tablism, mad mixology and wonky wrongness.

dj pnutz took up the challenge “raiding the mixdump and pulling a few favourites. using a combination of ableton and live mixing to compose the mix. treating it as a long track rather than a mix due to the nature of the music selected. cutting 40 mixes into 67 segments to produce near 60 minutes for the final mixdown. i hope that you enjoy listening as much as i enjoyed making it, with thanks to all the artists for providing such wonderful music to work with.”

Happily, Remdog’s monster V.52, made it onto the final mix.

dj pnutz : ninja mixed up dump by ninjamixdump

64bar challenge: remix1 -108bpm

So, many people have been asking about doing a remix mix, so lets do it.

We might as well start at the start so first up, we’ll be remixing tracks from the first 64bc, from June 2009 @ 108 bpm.

Anyone can enter, and we’ll get the stems up soon. It’s possible we could put all the samples from all the tracks into one big zip file for a mashed  up soup approach.

No point in stifling creativity now is there.

Here’s the facts:

Track Length:  64 bars.. or extend out to 128 or 192
Tempo: 108 bpm
Deadline for confirming you want in is 1 Jan 2010.. then we’ll get cracking



Kovas – God‘s Plan
Proof of Concept – How to feel (nothing)
Jose B – Down With the funk
James++ Cromulent Formula
Bobby Corridor – Sinner

more to follow

Proof Of Concept

Friday Night (remixed) by The Leisure Allstars feat Lady Chann on MP3 and WAV at Juno Download

Tom Central, aka Tom M, the man whose track 64 Wobbles from Hillbrook Road kicked off the third 64 bar challenge mix has a new remix out today. In true solidarity style, we’re linking to it.

Friday Night (remixed) by The Leisure Allstars feat Lady Chann on MP3 and WAV at Juno Download.

hot isht from Hint

That’s Hintertainment vol.13 by Hint

64 bar new boy and long time Tru Thoughts beatmaker has dropped his latest mix in the long running Hintertainment series. This one is volume 13.. were sure youll enjoy

beat selection from kovas

Kovas has finally got around to uploading a selection of tracks to Soundcloud, saying “no point in them living on my pc for ever now is there”.

There are extended versions of tracks known to 64bar lovers, Desire, which appeared on 64:4 and Death Walk, which was on 64:2. There is also the highly ridiculous “This is Hardcore” track, which featured on Gas’ This is the Fucking Hardcore” mix of 2008.

Apart from those, the remaining tracks have all remained hidden on his laptop. He explains: “We’ll I had nothing better to do this particular Sunday, so I thought I’d wheel out some of the beats I’ve done over the past couple or three years.

“They are all very different tracks, I’m not sure it there is a theme running through them, so in that way it’s hard to define a sound for myself. They were just tracks I felt like writing at the time.

“Anyone who knows me knows I never sit down to write a track with the finished sound in mind, I just put noises together I think will work.. and try not to overdo it.”

Herma Puma – Juno Records

Herma Puma – Juno Records.

We thought we’d point your ears towards this little number.. why? Well one, Mr Pimpernel Jones, a 64bar man of honour is half of Herma Puma, and secondly, Juno records has this in the top 5 hip hop releases of 2010.
High Praise.