Cut and Run, four bars of flow

A while back, the Cut and Run project was devised by 64bar’s Techdef and Red Havoc, and on the day the video hits you tube, we thought it would be a cool idea to hightlight what is a very creative concept, done well.

Cut And Run is a musical version game of consequences ( ).
The game was played between March and August 2011 by members of the Ninja Tune Records online community forum (​ ).

The idea behind the game was that the first participant would produce four bars of original music, send the finished four bars to a nominated member who would assemble the finished pierce, and then send just their fourth bar to the next player who would then develop their own four bars from that point and repeat the process.

Certain rules were put in places to aid the process as outlined in this image:​photos/​redhavoc/​6043588948

Original forum thread here:​forum/​messages.php?id=7066917&264

All beats in for 64:6

The tracks for the sixth 64 bar challenge mix have all come in, with over 30 beats submitted for the album.

The tempo for this mix is 110 bpm, and once again, the producers have managed to showcase each and every groove available at the tempo.

Kovas explained: “I was a little worried that we’d collectively peaked for the fifth mix. That was such a remarkable batch of tracks that I wad wondering how we were going to match it this time.

“But it’s the case that the level of creativity from the guys means I needn’t have worried. I’ve listened to the tunes for the past week or so, and there is an incredible variety in there that should enable DJ Food to put a pretty dope mix together.

DJ Food, the man who has come to represent Ninja Tune in the eyes of many, will work on the mix through August in time for a September release.

More details soon.

Likey the new look?

You’ll notice that this blog has had a lick of paint. We switched from Monchrome theme to Duster, how’s it look?

This blog started up in May 2010. It had 300 or so views in the first month. It then lay dormant until the launch of 64:4 when it had 800 views in both October and November. February saw figures reach the 1000 mark for the first time, and with 21 days of March gone, the blog has had 1400 visitors.

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video for: Proof of Concept – This is my Heart

Here is the visual partner of Proof of Concept’s 64:5 track this is my heart.

64bar challenge: remix1 -108bpm

So, many people have been asking about doing a remix mix, so lets do it.

We might as well start at the start so first up, we’ll be remixing tracks from the first 64bc, from June 2009 @ 108 bpm.

Anyone can enter, and we’ll get the stems up soon. It’s possible we could put all the samples from all the tracks into one big zip file for a mashed  up soup approach.

No point in stifling creativity now is there.

Here’s the facts:

Track Length:  64 bars.. or extend out to 128 or 192
Tempo: 108 bpm
Deadline for confirming you want in is 1 Jan 2010.. then we’ll get cracking



Kovas – God‘s Plan
Proof of Concept – How to feel (nothing)
Jose B – Down With the funk
James++ Cromulent Formula
Bobby Corridor – Sinner

more to follow

Proof Of Concept