Oceandrift – out now

The latest offering from the 64 bar collective is now on Bandcamp, available as a name your own price download.

Oceandrift is a remix chain. What the hell is a remix chain?

Kelp explained: “A remix chain is the process of a second artist remixing a track delivered to them by the first artist, and then passing the stems of the remixed track onto a third artist, and so on. Eventually, the penultimate person passes their remixed stems back around to the original artist, who remixes all the remixes in one track to complete the chain”


“The results are astounding, considering each part of the chain only hears the previous track,” said Kovas, from 64 bar music.

“This is a bit of a break from the norm for 64bar, as the tracks aren’t constrained by the normal parameters of tempo or length.

Oceandrift is a marvelous journey from the opening track, which floats underwater, through hard-edged electronic noise and leading-edge progressive sounds. You can get it right now, here 


Digitonal headlines new 64barmusic EP – out now on Bandcamp

Digitonal’s Andy Dobson is the man behind Eighteen, one of the standout tracks on the fifth 64barchallenge mix.

And as one of the more ear-catching tunes in the mix, it has made its way onto the 64barmusic EP5, which is now available here, 64barmusic.bandcamp.com

Digitonal has been alive as a brand since 1997 and have released two albums and a bunch of EP’s during that time. But with life events getting in the way of the important business of writing music, it has been a while since Andy sat down to write a serious track.

The 64barchallenge provided him with a reason to produce again. “Whilst I have been writing bits and pieces I’ve found it hard to focus in on what I needed to do,” he explained. “ I have really appreciated the restrictions and the challenge to do a specific task..

“My production techniques have changed quite a lot over the years.

“I don’t necessarily have one approach, so the only way I can describe it, it that I start fiddling with the equipment I use and I just experiment and play with the kit and the sounds.

“My setup these days is pretty modest. It’s pretty much all computer based out of Abelton Live or Cubase.

“I have my favourite VST‘s – which are mostly Native Instruments but In the past year, the piano has been at the heart of the setup and I haven’t had that for a very long time so the piano has become a driving force for everything.

His 64bar track is a complex piece involving piano, clarinet and violin and he plans to play it live in Prague in the coming weeks.

Andy gave props to the work of Proof of Concept, describing his work as “really interesting.
And he loved the Billions Dead track from 64:4 by his AGT Rave Cru collaborator Miggins “That was blistering,” he said. “And I wouldn’t be surprised if it made it onto an album someday.”

Finally, Andy summed up his feelings . “Its really great to be involved in the project and I’m really proud of the track I’ve made. It’s got me writing again, so thanks very much.”

Eighteen is out  now on Bandcamp here and as part of the fifth 64barchallenge mix, which comes out on March 4 via www.postbocks.com

64:5 taking shape

Kovas promo for 64 bar 5 by 64barmusic

With the fifth installment of the 64barchallenge mix series landing in just a couple of weeks, Kovas stepped away from the turntables, and spoke about some of the music, and where to get hold of it.

“I have to say, this one will be astounding,” he said.

“Its been a six month project putting this together. The last 64 bar challenge mix came in September on 2010 and so as I thought it was unlikely that people would drop tunes over Christmas, we made a deadline of Jan 31 to send tracks in.

“We signed up around 20-25 people, it gets a bit hard to manage but ultimately I’ve been left with approximately 30 tunes, the standard of which is really very high.”

There are a number of new faces for this mix, including Keep Up! records’ electro don Cosmo Lopez, long time big-shot Mike Ladd and the more than musical Andy Digitonal.

“Andy’s track (Eighteen) is off the hook,” said Kovas. “He’s done it in a 5/4 time signature, its got great rhythmic flow and its totally fresh for 64 bar. It’s nice to get a musician of his calibre on this project.”

There are artists from all over the planet on this mix, there’s Canada’s Day of Vengeance, China based Kultershock, Paris based duo of Mike Ladd and Monk A, and you gotta flip the globe to find Becy, who represents Australia.

“Becy has made this haunting love song which is very different to her other tracks and features her on vocals.”

Kovas added: “I have to say I’m a little bit gutted I’ve handed over the main responsibility for the mixing of this set of tracks to Killer Tomato as there is such an amazing range of tracks in there.”

The mix will be available from March from http://www.postbocks.com as a free download. It’s available as a stream on mixcould.com/sixtyfourbarmusic and on percussionlab.com

As well as the mix for download, there will be a name your own price EP coming out on Bandcamp, so head to 64barmusic.bandcamp.com
For more information, check http://www.64barmusic.co.uk

the crane puts out new ep through bandcamp


The Crane, aka Stephen Hedley, who has been on both 64:1 and 64:4 has put out a rather dapper ep via Bandcamp.

It’s a collection of ambient/glitchy tracks which he made in the  summer .

He explains:  “It’s the first time I’ve deliberately tried creating several pieces with a similar feel and sound palette.

“The idea was to do a lot of tracks without any ‘proper’ beats in, as they’re always the weakest point in my productions. I didn’t think there was any theme to it, but when I came to the point of gathering the tracks together I noticed that a lot of the track titles obliquely refer to a girl-related heartbreak scenario which took up a lot of my headspace while I was writing the music.”

The big poof.

He continues: “That accounts for the somewhat melancholy vibe and the (rotten) punning title. I hope people enjoy it, anyway. “