KAL keeps it reel (2reel)

KAL tape KOBRA AUDIO LABS will release their “two blue towers” handmade cassette and CD pack in December.

64bar spoke to the Scottish production unit to find out what your money will buy, why spend that money, and why they have gone back to their roots and released a c50 cassette. Continue reading


Bobby Corridor drops lyrics

Bobby CorridorWith the 64bar challenge Vol 6 just around the corner. We spoke to the big cheese, Bobby Corridor. This is the man who has more 64bar beats in the catalogue than any one else.
He’s been there since day one, and virtually owned the second mix with four tracks making the final album. Read more after the jump>>
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Eight questions with Techdef

With the Sixth 64barchallenge being baked to perfection in time for it’s September send off, 64 bar thought it might be a good idea to ask the major players some questions, first up, it’s New York city’s Techniken Defunkus.

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Click >>– dj-kovas-timeframe-2009-. << for the beats

Let’s remind ourselves of this gem from Kovas from last year. It’s a selection of works from kovas’ vaults from 2006-2009, and is a electronic flow through the darklands of  his imagination.

He says: “I look at Timeframe as my long overdue debut album. It’s 17 tracks, including a few interludes that I had been working on for a couple of years, here and there. It got to a point where I realised I had a body of work which was coherent enough to put out as a single piece.

“The mood is mostly sinister, and at times downbeat. For some reason I just don’t tend to write euphoric, or uplifting songs. I like the darkness, I like tunes to have space to breath and I think that comes through in this.

Standout tracks include True Force and the Blanket, both from 2006.

Kovas says:  “I suppose The Blanket was me testing out a mood than some would describe as post dubstep, its a real nightcrawler and has tons of atmosphere. ”

There are a few tracks on the mix that made it onto other projects. Cutt (track 6) featured on the 13 Point Shuriken Hur this (track 12) was on Benevolent Beats and God’s plan (track 3) was on 64:1

Fonck EP at Juno Records

Fonck EP at Juno Records.

That’s right 64bar contributor Tom M has new music available for purchase.

And here’s the reveal from their website, “Keep Up! Records unveils brand new signing Bestboygrip complete with his debut EP Fonck. Those with their ears to the ground will be aware that the Germany-based Bestboy is well-known within the drum n bass world under a different moniker. But this is the Bestboy cutting loose for a minute and kicking out some modern disco jams with one foot in the past and the other in the future. This is the sound of an 80s Boogie, Synthesizer, Library Music and B-Movie obsessive.”

“Fonck is the slow-paced opener with heavy-hitting synth drums but reflective keyboard narrative. One of Keep Up! Records’ favourite producers Architeq provides a dubby, spacey remix sounding like something Luke Vibert might have included on his Nuggets Library compilations. On the flipside the pace quickens with the flexible bassline but tight groove of Copyright. The EP closes with the house-tinged Cross My Mind, which builds on the strong melody-lead theme of the other tracks even further with the aid of catchy synth lead and vocal hooks. The Fonck EP sits comfortably next to artists such as Faze Action, LCD Soundsystem and Ilija Rudman. Just the way Keep Up! likes its modern disco.”


Abstractions by Mr Fitz


Bringing sexy back

Bringing sexy back


Yes yes blogging for the world now. Three posts in three days from 64towers just politely linking to some of the other happenins out there. Mr Fitz has provided the eye candy with a 10/10 flickr stream

>>>click this<<<

If you click it you’ll see the art he describes as “holding your camera out the window of a moving car”

So with Mr Fitz being a New Yorker – you like how in some of his shots he’s managed to create what looks like an alien world full of atmosphere, from our own humble, humdrum planet.

Mr Fitz is also Techniken Defunkus – a name continually spelt wrong on every occasion. He’s been master of at least four tracks in the 64bc catalogue.

out in the wild

You know, this blog is shameless in the fact we promote the 64 bar mixes. It’s all I ever talk about on here and I’m wondering if its pretty fricken boring. So its nice when other ppl pick up on what’s happening here.

Here’s a few links to blogs that have taken notice of 64bar efforts

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