All beats in for 64:6

The tracks for the sixth 64 bar challenge mix have all come in, with over 30 beats submitted for the album.

The tempo for this mix is 110 bpm, and once again, the producers have managed to showcase each and every groove available at the tempo.

Kovas explained: “I was a little worried that we’d collectively peaked for the fifth mix. That was such a remarkable batch of tracks that I wad wondering how we were going to match it this time.

“But it’s the case that the level of creativity from the guys means I needn’t have worried. I’ve listened to the tunes for the past week or so, and there is an incredible variety in there that should enable DJ Food to put a pretty dope mix together.

DJ Food, the man who has come to represent Ninja Tune in the eyes of many, will work on the mix through August in time for a September release.

More details soon.

beat selection from kovas

Kovas has finally got around to uploading a selection of tracks to Soundcloud, saying “no point in them living on my pc for ever now is there”.

There are extended versions of tracks known to 64bar lovers, Desire, which appeared on 64:4 and Death Walk, which was on 64:2. There is also the highly ridiculous “This is Hardcore” track, which featured on Gas’ This is the Fucking Hardcore” mix of 2008.

Apart from those, the remaining tracks have all remained hidden on his laptop. He explains: “We’ll I had nothing better to do this particular Sunday, so I thought I’d wheel out some of the beats I’ve done over the past couple or three years.

“They are all very different tracks, I’m not sure it there is a theme running through them, so in that way it’s hard to define a sound for myself. They were just tracks I felt like writing at the time.

“Anyone who knows me knows I never sit down to write a track with the finished sound in mind, I just put noises together I think will work.. and try not to overdo it.”