Wax on -Wax in

Wax on - Wax in
The artist formally known as Waxfactor has thrown his not inconsiderable weight into the 64bar movement by signing up to write a beat for 64:6

Now rocking the moniker Pete Sasqwax, this is a man with a long ole history in hip-hop. And that means a long ole interview.
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64barchallenge Vol 6

Let us create more musical sounds by way of a sixth 64barchallenge mix, hereafter referred to as 64:6

Let us vote on a tempo using the form below.

Voting closes on March 22, and deadline for submissions is June 1.. giving you ten weeks to create the badness.

You can make my life easy my signing up using the form below as well.

Shhhh.. but there is a very dapper DJ signed up to do the next mix. All will be revealed soon

Let us sign up by adding to the thread on the world famous ninjatune forum