Abstractions by Mr Fitz


Bringing sexy back

Bringing sexy back


Yes yes blogging for the world now. Three posts in three days from 64towers just politely linking to some of the other happenins out there. Mr Fitz has provided the eye candy with a 10/10 flickr stream

>>>click this<<<

If you click it you’ll see the art he describes as “holding your camera out the window of a moving car”

So with Mr Fitz being a New Yorker – you like how in some of his shots he’s managed to create what looks like an alien world full of atmosphere, from our own humble, humdrum planet.

Mr Fitz is also Techniken Defunkus – a name continually spelt wrong on every occasion. He’s been master of at least four tracks in the 64bc catalogue.

out in the wild

You know, this blog is shameless in the fact we promote the 64 bar mixes. It’s all I ever talk about on here and I’m wondering if its pretty fricken boring. So its nice when other ppl pick up on what’s happening here.

Here’s a few links to blogs that have taken notice of 64bar efforts

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