Renderyard Best Documentary prize goes to Remi

Remi aka Remdog aka Roughe thanked the lord after he won the Renderyard Best Documentary prize. “Thanks to you all – and God” – he told the peeps on ntf

The video below earned him and his cohort Timid the prize. Here’s the scoop, taken from their vimeo page “The Ghostvillage Project was created over 3 days on the west coast of Scotland. 6 artists – Timid, Remi/Rough, System, Stormie Mills, Juice 126, Derm – were given free reign to paint in an abandoned 1970s village. Working together on huge collaborative walls and individually in hidden nooks and crannies all over the site the artists realised long held dreams and were inspired by the bleakness and remoteness of the site. Drawing on the history of the village the artists’ stated intent on completion of the project was to populate the ghostvillage with the art and characters that it deserved.”

Pretty amazing project, and how cool would it be to paint an abandoned village. Impressive.